Asphalt is made from aggregates such as gravel or granite,  and sand bound together with a binder known as bitumen. Asphalt is an excellent solution for commercial and residential driveways, car parks, and roads. Yet many people do not know much about this highly sought-after material.

Here are 5 things you should know about asphalt.


Can Asphalt Be Laid in the Rain?

In general, asphalt laying is most effective when completed during warm and dry weather. Heavy rain could halt an asphalt project. Lucky for Perth, that’s most days.

In addition, the base material may not compact properly if there is a lot of water in the basework and underlying soil. Dry ground can support more weight than wet ground. A wet subbase makes asphalt more susceptible to cracking and breaking. If it rains after the subbase is laid, laying asphalt, even if the weather is warm, maybe delayed.


Can Asphalt Be Laid in Cold Weather?

It is possible to successfully lay asphalt in cold weather. If the weather does not reach extreme cold. Scheduling a winter asphalt installation in Australia should be entirely possible, with less scuffing from stationary power steering turns by vehicles in tight areas and car bays in common, compared to newly laid asphalt in Perth’s hot summers.

If you have concerns, talk to asphalt contractors about waiting for the best time for a full driveway or parking project.

Perth’s moderate climate is ideal for asphalt laying

There are several factors that will affect the time available to achieve adequate compaction in asphalt, including ambient air and base temperature, wind speed, asphalt layer thickness and weather.

In general, warm temperatures give asphalt companies more time to lay a hot-mix asphalt road properly. Hot-mix can be laid at 10 degrees F, but in cooler temperatures, you may require a thicker layer of asphalt to slow the cooling.


At What Temperature Does Asphalt Melt?


In Australia ‘melting’ and ‘bleeding’ of the surface is normally associated with bitumen sealed surfaces, not asphalt. Not all road surfaces are made of the same type of asphalt, which means the new asphalt can be damaged during hotter weather.

One factor that can impact the point at which a car park scuffs is the type or grade of bitumen binder used to make the asphalt. Harder grade bitumen’s have higher softening points, which makes the asphalt better able to withstand high temperatures.


How Long Until I Can Drive on My New Asphalt?

sloped red asphalt driveway by NK Asphalt

A steep red asphalt driveway with white kerbing by NK Asphalt.


In general, it can take up to 24 hours for asphalt to cool so you should wait to drive or park on your new asphalt. In hotter temperatures, you may want to keep vehicle traffic off your new driveway or car park for a longer time.

However, asphalt can be used in as soon as a few hours due to traffic needing access for instance.

Asphalt cooling time is partially dependent on the weather. Extreme heat and cold can delay the asphalt curying process. Also, while asphalt does cool at night, it will warm again when in direct sunlight.

When constructing a brand-new driveway, do not underestimate the importance of planning as there are plenty of factors to consider first for maximum performance and durability.


Can Asphalt Driveway Be Painted?


Red Oxide Asphalt


Painting asphalt driveways and car parks in Perth is not common and can cause the need for regular maintenance of the surface, which wouldn’t be needed if not painted. Many sport courts are surfaced with acrylic-based multi-layer coatings in Perth.

Are you planning to get a new asphalt driveway? If you have got a large commercial or residential area that needs a new asphalt driveway or professional surfacing, NK Asphalt can help with a range of coloured asphalt including red oxide gravel, grey granite, brown gravel-based asphalt.

Got more questions about asphalt or planning the construction of your new driveway? Speak to the experts for a free measure and quote. We have over 30 years of industry experience and are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding large residential and commercial projects in Perth.


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