Asphalt is one of the most highly used products in Perth for roads, car parks and driveways, but there are dozens of other applications for asphalt in Perth.

Read on as we run you through the basics of asphalt in Perth, explain if it could help you, and give a nod to some handy articles that talk about Perth asphalt in far more detail.


Which Asphalt is Used in Perth?

Asphalt is a mixture of aggregate (gravel and sand) and bitumen binder, and when mixed at a high temperature it forms hot mix asphalt. This is the type of asphalt used in Perth by asphalt laying services.

How is asphalt different from bitumen?


Why Use Asphalt in Perth?

Hot mix asphalt is used in Perth because of its high durability for vehicle traffic, weather conditions and plant roots.

Asphalt is a cost-effective choice for large areas due to its fast installation, quick curing time, and low maintenance costs.

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How is Asphalt Laid in Perth?

Depending on the existing surface or if you’re installing a new asphalt area, the process may vary so we always recommend getting a professional Perth asphalt services quote (it’s free).

The general process of asphalt laying will include the following steps:

  1. Remove any existing paving or concrete. This can involve excavation equipment and trucks to remove the material.
  2. Remove any roots or debris from the surface.
  3. The asphalt company will fix any unevenness in the subbase or subgrade to avoid water pooling on the surface.
  4. The base layer will be laid and compacted.
  5. Hot mix asphalt will be laid over the top.


asphalt sub base and layers

An asphalt surface requires multiple layers to ensure a sturdy foundation.


How Can You Use Asphalt in Perth?

Asphalt is a versatile surfacing material that can be moulded to any shape and due to its durability and strength, asphalt is ideal for surfaces that will endure frequent use.

We’ve been providing asphalt services in Perth for over 30 years and have helped property owners with a huge range of projects in this time. Here are the most common Perth asphalt services, but if you’re thinking about asphalt services for your project, request a free measure and quote.


Residential Asphalt Services


Asphalt is ideal for Perth driveways because of the high volume of traffic using a driveway. Asphalt’s easy installation and curing time means you may be able to use the driveway on the same day.

Asphalt is suited to large or long driveways of at least 150m2 or connected to parking areas.

asphalt driveway perth

A stylish U-shaped asphalt driveway.


Car parking areas

Asphalt’s strength and resistance to damage make it the preferred surface for any car parking areas in Perth. Asphalt can withstand the weight of cars, buses, or trucks for long periods without warping or sinking.


Turn around bays

If your home has a turnaround bay connected to your driveway, asphalt can be used to surface both areas and provide a smooth and seamless drive.


Strata residential unit car parks

Many Perth strata units choose asphalt services for their shared parking and driveway areas because it is a cost-effective service for large areas, won’t need replacing for many years, and requires minimal maintenance.


Commercial Asphalt Services

Parking areas

Parking areas for Perth businesses are often the first impression a client or customer gets and the last thing you want to present is a cracked or faded area. Asphalt car parking areas are smooth to drive on and they look great.

Perth asphalt is available in a range of colours, usually dark to reduce the glare from the car park and increase the visibility of line-markings.

Carpark resurfacing for Joondalup Health Campus by NK Asphalt

Carpark resurfacing for Joondalup Health Campus by NK Asphalt.



Hardstands in Perth need to be highly durable and retain shape and smoothness under the weight of vehicles or machinery.

Asphalt is one of the strongest surfacing materials in Perth and is the preferred service for many industrial and commercial hardstands in Perth.

Nk Asphalt Hardstands red oxide

Red asphalt hardstand completed by NK Asphalt for an automobile storage yard.


Loading docks

As a high usage area for trucks, asphalt has the strength and durability to provide a smooth surface that is resistant to warping and cracking.

Asphalt is also highly-affordable for large areas, like loading docks and can be installed and ready to drive on in one day, reducing any downtime.


Shopping Centres & Retail

Car parks

Shopping centre car parks in Perth need to particularly robust to withstand the constant flow of traffic and parked cars. Asphalt is one of the most recommended surfaces for car parks in Perth because of its durability, resistance to damage from water and roots and fast installation time.

Nk asphalt Hambleys IGA standard granite car park

Nk Asphalt working on an asphalt car park for Hambleys IGA.



As an extension of car parks, most restaurant drive-thrus will choose asphalt services for a smooth and grippy surface for cars to navigate.


Customer pick up areas

Like roads and car parks, drop off and pick up areas need to endure frequent use by vehicles and be easy to pull in and out of safely. Asphalt provides a smooth transition from the road or car park to the pull-in bay and asphalt’s grip makes it easy for parking.


Loading bays

Delivery vehicles need a safe surface to drive on and park, for the vehicle, the driver and the goods they’re carrying. Asphalt provides a strong and smooth surface that can be laid in one day, reducing the impact on the business.



Basketball, netball, and tennis courts

Many schools, recreation centres and local governments choose asphalt services for outdoor sports courts because of the improved grip compared to concrete or paving, and it’s affordability.

Asphalt provides traction for sneakers even in the wet, which can be the peak netball season.


Bike paths, Dual-use paths (DUP’s) and public shared paths (PSP’s)

Asphalt is one of the preferred choices for local governments and developers when installing new pathways because of asphalt’s resistance to water and root damage. Unlike concrete or paving, asphalt is a gap-free surface which makes it not only a smooth surface for bikes, rollerblades, scooters, and skateboards but less prone to cracks from weeds and roots.


Perth’s Leading Asphalt Laying Service

Whether you’re replacing a damaged surfacing or building a new property, asphalt is a versatile and cost-effection option that can be installed quickly and require relatively little maintenance afterwards.

At NK Asphalt, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality asphalt services and top-notch customer service. Give us a call or send us a quote request and we can provide you with free upfront advice on whether asphalt is the right choice for your project – at no cost.


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