You may be wondering why almost all commercial properties in Perth have an asphalt carpark, driveway, or storage yard. The truth is, asphalt has so many benefits over alternative solutions, it’s too hard for property developers, property managers, business owners, government agencies and homeowners to choose otherwise.

Asphalt has been in use since the mid-late 19th century, and although the formula and methods of production have evolved over time, the material itself is too effective at what it does to be replaced.

The main reasons why asphalt is used commercially are:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Time saving
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple customisations
  • Property value boost

This article delves into these prominent benefits of asphalt applications on commercial properties and provides reasons as to why commercial asphalt is the material of choice for so many properties.

Customer satisfaction

If you own a Perth property that welcomes customers or clients on-site, you want the experience to be positive and welcoming for them. Asphalt is the ideal choice for a commercial driveway and carparking facility, to best enhance customer satisfaction.

A few of the reasons for this include:

  • A mixture of red and black areas is possible to differentiate driveway areas to car bays for instance.
  • Available in a black / grey granite or red / brown gravel (laterite) colour.
  • Smooth transition from the road to the driveway and then throughout the carpark.
  • A reduction in noise for the driver and passers-by when compared to other materials.
  • Enhanced safety as tyres grip the surface better. This means less skidding and slipping when the asphalt is wet and should lower the risk of on-site accidents.
  • Commercial asphalt drains water better than other materials and can be enhanced with well-placed drainage systems and slopes to further reduce the risk of puddles.
  • Better visibility of paint markings and car bays for easy movement around the site. Asphalt is also a low glare solution, minimising the sun’s reflection and therefore avoiding the visual obstacle this brings.

Maintaining customer satisfaction is crucial to business success, why not start at the front with a welcoming asphalt entrance?

Time saving

The installation of a commercial driveway or carpark in Perth is a relatively quick process compared to other solutions, which means there is less interference on the business/es while it is being laid and can usually be trafficked the next day as it doesn’t need 7 – 14 days to cure like concrete.

Additionally, a high-quality asphalt project will save time down the road as it doesn’t require maintenance and repairs as often when compared to concrete.

commercial asphalt car park

A new commercial asphalt car park with bay lines painted.


Per square metre, an asphalt carpark or driveway is usually more cost-effective than other sub-par surfacing materials. Thanks to asphalt’s versatility, it can be utilised in multiple locations on a property and thus, a contractor can complete multiple tasks at once. Some common uses for bitumen in Perth include commercial and residential driveways, walkways, carparks, sports courts and as a base for a warehouse or storage yard.

As previously mentioned, asphalt requires less maintenance which also saves money on repairs.

Easy to maintain

Asphalt is a long-lasting solution for commercial driveways and carparks in Perth, with most surfaces lasting 15-30 years and beyond if looked after properly. There are many environmental factors that can damage a driveway or carpark, but asphalt is particularly resilient to most, including ants, weeds, and water.

Thanks to asphalt’s flexibility around corners and bends, a tight seal can be formed along kerbing and other structures which reduces damage from water and other debris which may squeeze into any unfilled spaces. Asphalt can be laid against brick walls, colorbond and super-six fencing, rock borders, concrete kerbing and timber fences.

When it does come time to repair damage, it’s a quick and simple process that won’t break the bank.

Simple customisations

Most commercial carparks and driveways in Perth have all kinds of additions to assist drivers and pedestrians to navigate a safe path. Asphalt is the perfect dark shade to easily see signage, crosswalks and car bays painted on. Without these customisations, the site couldn’t function. Additionally, carparks often have car bay bumpers or edgings to prevent accidents from drivers overshooting their bay.

new asphalt car park

Large new asphalt car park designed to maximise parking capacity.

For driveways or gardens, asphalt surfaces can include a stylish kerb on either side, protecting the driver from going off-road. A similar variation of the kerbing may have a drainage system built into it to cater for water run-off. However, many semi-rural drives have no need of kerbing, just as in the case with the outer suburban public roads.

All these customisations are simple tasks to plan with your next bitumen project.

Property value boost

Whether you own the business or are a property manager for a commercial site in Perth, you want the value of the property to be as high as possible. An asphalt driveway or carpark is what gives visitors their first impression, which is just what you want because asphalt has a professional appearance.

A high-quality bitumen surface across a commercial property is what buyers or renters expect from a site. Not having an efficient driving surface would no-doubt reduce the interest when it comes to selling a property.

It’s even possible to make a driveway stand out and potentially boost property appeal with 3 colour varieties. Choose from black granite asphalt, dark-brown laterite gravel asphalt, or red-oxide laterite gravel asphalt.

The Perth asphalt specialists

When it comes to commercial or residential asphalt projects in Perth, established in 1989 NK Asphalt is one of the most well-known and experienced companies. The team are experts in surfacing areas from 150m2 to several thousand square metres and do so in a high quality and safe manner.

If you need an asphalt driveway, commercial carpark, or other large-scale asphalt projects, get in touch with us today for a free measure and quote or simply to receive advice.

Paul Calnon

Paul is a Director of NK Asphalt and has over thirty years of experience in the asphalt and bitumen industry since joining NK Asphalt in 1994. He’s an expert in all aspects of asphalt works - and can give advice on baseworks, kerbing and other site services. He is dedicated to providing the right solution for clients - and can give great advice on the pro’s and cons of different methods clients may be considering.