Most of us are aware that asphalt is the preferred option in Australia for road and driveway resurfacing applications. It’s versatility, durability and safeness all make asphalt the superior choice when deciding what to use for that next resurfacing project. However, what you probably don’t know is just how widespread asphalt applications can be, it’s so much more than what you see on our roads!


Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts & Playgrounds


When you’re looking to install an outdoor sporting court or playground, asphalt is generally your first choice. Asphalt is incredibly durable meaning it can withstand high volume foot traffic and the unruly weather outdoor courts can experience year-round.


Asphalt is laid without the needs for expansion joints that are necessary for concrete, it also provides some grip – essential if you’re playing basketball or tennis.


All outdoor courts require upkeep if you want to keep them smooth and hazard-free, and asphalt is no exception. Resurfacing your asphalt can be a great way to keep on top of cracks and holes that may appear and ensures you’re playing surface remains functional, whereas concrete and pavers need to be demolished and replaced fully at increased expense when compared to only resurfacing existing asphalt.


Airport Runways


Asphalt is the most widely used surface for airport runways and extensive research has gone into developing the right blends of asphalt to ensure the safe operation of aircraft. Since asphalt is a semi-rigid surface, some flexibility combined with its durability makes it an obvious choice for a surface that must endure aircraft landing at high impact day in and day out.


Globally there still exists some debate as to what surface is preferred between concrete and asphalt – some airports even use a concrete base with asphalt surfacing.


Asphalt runway at an airport.

Race Tracks


The fastest race tracks in the world are all paved with asphalt. Super sticky racing tyres alongside the hot summer sun all make race tracks one of the most difficult surfaces to lay.  To top it off, many race tracks are curved such as the ones used in NASCAR only adding to complications. Many asphalt mixes for race tracks are developed in the laboratory to ensure that the intended result comes out exactly as anticipated for track owners – and most importantly the drivers – who put their lives at risk racing on them.


Asphalt is generally the obvious choice for race tracks because of its flexibility that allows it to expand and contract when the temperature changes, meaning less cracking. Asphalt is also grippier than a lot of its counterparts which helps vehicles turn sharp corners with ease.


An asphalt Formula 1 track.


Asphalt is all around us and we probably don’t realise it or ever stop to think about it. Its versatility as a building material is still being discovered today as we look to adapt its suitability to structures everywhere.


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Trevor Calnon

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