As Perth continues to experience population growth, and new suburbs spread far and wide, the car is the first choice for people when it comes to travelling across the city. And with cars comes the need for car parks.

We know that a smooth, crack- and pothole-free car park tells your customers and tenants that you’re professional and care about your business and the public.

But what, exactly, are the Western Australian guidelines when it comes to commercial and residential car park design?

Unfortunately, the answer is not simple. Each council area has its own rules and regulations. The only thing they must adhere to is Australian Standard AS/NZS 2890 – Off Street Parking.

Car Park Design Guidelines in Western Australia

In Western Australia, car park design guidelines are governed by the Australian Standard AS 2890.1:2004. This standard covers the geometric design for car parking facilities including the layout, design, and dimensions. It also includes the requirements for the design of parking modules, circulation roadways, ramps, and pedestrian facilities.

Residential Car Park Design

Apartment and strata car parks must be both durable and stylish. This not only improves the street appeal but can increase the value of each apartment and the complex itself. On top of this, AS/NZS 2890 requires certain dimensions for residential car parking:

  • Car parking bays without obstruction – 2400mm x 5500mm
  • Double bay with obstruction on one side – 5200mm x 5500mm
  • Double bay with obstruction on both sides, such as a garage – 5600mm x 5500mm
Car park for strata units in Scarborough

New asphalt car park for strata units in Scarborough.


Commercial Car Park Design

Commercial car park design, for example, shopping centre car parks or factory and warehousing car parks, need to consider a lot more issues.

When designing a commercial parking area, Australian Standard AS/NZS 2890 – Off Street Parking covers issues such as:

  • disabled parking
  • pedestrian access
  • ramps, including kerb ramps
  • width of each parking space
  • line markings
  • height clearances
  • gradient


Some council areas also include specific guidelines related to:

  • shaded areas
  • length and orientation of each aisle
  • drainage
  • traffic control

Of course, you also want to make sure your car park is durable, appealing and free of cracks and potholes. After all, first impressions count.

fast-food drive through asphalt road

Fast food drive-throughs require a quality asphalt surface.


Perth Car Park Guideline Examples

As mentioned above, each Council area has its own guidelines for residential and commercial car parks, so it’s best to check with them first.

As Perth’s leading asphalt company, we have experience working within different council guidelines.

As an example, the City of Cockburn has released its Good Design Guide that covers best practice for commercial development, including car parking. It explains the Australian Standards in plain English and addresses issues such as:

  • speed humps
  • finishes
  • orientation of aisles
  • size and layout of bays

Given the complexity of both the Australian Standard and individual Council guidelines, it’s important that you choose a professional asphalt car park construction company with decades of experience in car park construction. This will ensure that your car park will not only meet Standards and regulations but will last as long as possible without damage.


What Else Do You Need to Consider?

We all know shopping centre, residential or industrial car parks that are difficult to navigate. And that we avoid if we can. You don’t want your potential customers turned off because they find it stressful to park their car. To avoid this:

  • consider vehicle turning movements in the layout of parking bays
  • allow enough room for vehicles to make corners
  • provide long enough bays for vehicles to park without obstructing the aisles.

You also need to think about what kind of material to use for your car park. In Western Australia, asphalt is highly recommended for car park construction. It can withstand high-volumes of cars and is cost-effective. Other advantages of asphalt include:

  • it’s fast curing so your customers and tenants can drive on it the same day
  • its dark colour allows for high contract line-markings and reduced glare
  • it can expand and contract in the weather, so is less likely to crack than concrete
  • it can be laid to any shape including curves without gaps, reducing the risk of cracks.


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