Most people do not know that asphalt can be coloured as it’s generally found to be black and grey in colour. However, all residential and commercial areas such as driveways, playgrounds, car parking bays, pedestrian walking paths, bike and bus lanes can have coloured asphalt for safety and differentiation.

Coloured asphalt can be used to transform outdoor spaces and create an attractive look which increases the aesthetic appeal and value of the property and surrounding areas.


What Are The Benefits of Coloured Asphalt?

Coloured asphalt is a cost-effective way to cover a large surface, whilst adding a touch of vibrancy and life to your commercial and residential premises. Here are the top benefits of coloured asphalt driveways.

  • Attractive – the use of colour will make the driveway stand out
  • Fast Installation – the whole laying and drying of the driveway is no different to standard asphalt installation
  • Weatherproof – it is possible to weatherproof, rejuvenate and decorate surfaces with coloured asphalt
  • Eco-friendly – coloured driveways are less likely to absorb heat compared to standard black surfaces which are also known to become damaged easier.
  • Increased Safety – asphalt colour can increase the overall safety when you drive both during the day and night. For example, red asphalt with attractive white kerbing has been widely used by our customers in the Perth Hills.


Red Asphalt Driveways in Perth Hills

red asphalt driveway

Our clients often wish to replace gravel dusty and unsealed entrance to their property with an attractive asphalt driveway that catches the eye. For semi-rural driveways, red oxide gravel asphalt is one of the most popular choices and compliments the red/brown earth surroundings and green of the trees.

Some property owners also choose to install white kerbing that not only protects the edges of the driveway but contrasts the red asphalt to clearly show drivers the edge of the driveway and avoid runoffs.

Coloured Asphalt Ideas 

red asphalt

Red Oxide Asphalt


Dark Brown Asphalt


Black Asphalt


An attractive driveway offers a great focal point as people approach your home or business, therefore it is important that you plan your driveway in the overall landscaping design for your property.

Choose from a wide range of asphalt colours to create a modern look that suits any property in Perth.  You can now add pigments to the standard asphalt mixture, whilst it’s still hot to create the coloured driveway for your home.

If you are undecided or unsure about the design of your asphalt project, we have the capability to help you look at all the available design solutions and to choose one that best suits you. We’ve been laying asphalt in Perth for over 30 years and can provide you with recommendations on which asphalt colour will suit your home or business.

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