Most people know asphalt is used for roads, but there are also dozens of other commercial uses for asphalt surfacing. You’d be surprised how often you’re driving or walking on asphalt.

As commercial asphalt contractors, NK Asphalt has been providing high-quality asphalt surfacing to Perth businesses for over 30 years and our team has used asphalt used for a range of areas. To give you an idea of how versatile and functional asphalt is, we’ve put together a list of all the commercial asphalt projects we’ve seen completed.


Why Asphalt is Ideal for Commercial Properties

Asphalt is an extremely durable surface material that can be shaped to suit any area. This means, no matter how big or weird a shape the area is, asphalt can be laid and smoothed to cover the area, without any gaps.

Compared to other commercial surfacing materials, asphalt is affordable and more resistant to damage. Here are a few other reasons our clients choose asphalt for commercial projects:

  • Asphalt can be laid and driven on in the same day – reducing your downtime and labour costs;
  • Asphalt withstand heavy vehicles and machinery – minimising cracks and repair costs; and
  • Asphalt is resistant to cracking and potholes from water and root damage – extending the life of the surface and delaying replacement or resurfacing costs


Car Parks, Parking Bays & Shopping Centres

Due to the high volume of traffic on car parks, it makes sense to use the same material as streets and roads. Asphalt is known for its durability and resistance to cracking, making it the ideal material for surfacing car parks.

Unlike concrete, asphalt doesn’t require gaps to allow for expansion and contraction in changing weather conditions. This results in a smooth and gap-free surface that can be laid quicker than concrete.

Asphalt also has a fast curing time compared to concrete. You can even drive on it on the same day.

A few other reasons people choose asphalt for car parks instead of concrete or paving:

  • Tyre or skid marks don’t show as easily on asphalt’s darker surface
  • Asphalt provides better grip in wet or dry weather
  • Trucks and machinery can drive on asphalt with reduced risk of cracking the car park surface
old asphalt car park

Old asphalt car park that requires resurfacing.

commercial car park

New commercial asphalt surface.


Hardstands are the industry term for a large paved area used to store machinery, vehicles, equipment or supplies. Importantly, the surface of a hardstand must be capable of bearing the weight of heavy vehicles for long periods without sinking or cracking, like sand, gravel, paving, or grass can.

Asphalt is a popular choice for surfacing hardstands because of its strength and resistance to water or root damage. Compared to cement or concrete, asphalt will provide better grip, reduced glare and can be less expensive.

For commercial businesses, vehicles and machinery are expensive assets that need to be protected from damage and supplies need to be kept away from dirt and water. Asphalt is designed to protect vehicles driving on highways and roads, and for this reason, is ideal for hardstand construction.

Nk Asphalt Hardstands red oxide

Industrial asphalt hardstand for an automobile storage yard.

Warehouse Access & Factory Units

For industrial businesses, safe and smooth access to your warehouse or factory is important to protect the contents of the truck and the vehicles themselves from damage.

Our team of asphalt contractors have surfaced hundreds, maybe thousands, of areas for commercial and industrial businesses and can say with confidence, that using asphalt to connect your warehouse to the road will make driving and maneuvering easier for trucks while making your business property look great.

Surfacing with asphalt improves the strength and grip of the surface, and compared to gravel or concrete, asphalt is less prone to causing vehicle damage or needing surface repairs.

fresh asphalt Perth

Fresh asphalt at an industrial warehouse in Perth.

Loading Docks

Loading docks are designed for easy transport of goods from a commercial building to a truck and need to be safe for drivers, vehicles, and warehouse staff.

We recommend using asphalt for any surface that will be used by trucks because asphalt can withstand repeat usage of heavy vehicles and is less prone to cracking than concrete.

Asphalt is also quickly laid and cured, so there is reduced downtime for any commercial asphalt surfaces.


Runways and Helipads

Many airports chose to surface runways and helipads with asphalt because of the fast installation and low cost for large areas.

Another major factor airports use asphalt is the flexibility in changing weather conditions. Airport runways and helipads are clear of other buildings, this means they’re exposed to the weather and fluctuate from the summer sun to cold winter air.

Concrete is considered a rigid material that is known for cracking under extreme weather conditions and any cracks in an airport runway or helipad could have troubling safety repercussions.

While concrete may be used in some areas of the airport, many will choose to use asphalt on the landing and take-off areas for asphalt’s superior grip and flexibility an impact points.


Asphalt runway at an airport.



Many fast food locations choose to use asphalt for their drive-thrus and parking bays because of asphalt’s clean and smooth appearance. Asphalt, especially dark coloured asphalt, doesn’t show tyre marks and doesn’t require cleaning of rubber stains.

Asphalt also offers improved grip for turning vehicles and a smooth even surface for customers.

fast-food drive through asphalt path

Asphalt drive-thru for a fast-food company.


Offices & Strata Commercial Units

Asphalt car parks and driveways for offices and strata units look great but will also protect your tenant’s cars from damage.

If you’re a property owner with a decent sized car parking area, using commercial asphalt offers you a great return on investment. Asphalt’s fast installation and low maintenance costs, make it the ideal choice for property owners leasing units.

Asphalt driveways and parking bays can withstand daily use from hundreds of cars and will provide your tenants with a smooth surface to drive on and store their cars.

Car park for strata units in Scarborough

Asphalt car park for strata units in Scarborough.


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