Some of the major signs that you need a resurface or driveway replacement for your asphalt driveway include cracks, potholes, drainage issues, and weathered appearance.

Not only is it important for your asphalt driveway to be maintained for aesthetic and safety reasons, depending on the type of driveway you have there can be wider implications. If you have a commercial driveway, there can be significant implications for your customers. For example, if your driveway surface is unsafe, cracked or pitted, potential buyers may look upon it as a big turnoff before entering your business.

If you have a residential driveway, your own safety is at risk, with damaged asphalt having the ability to damage your vehicle over time. This can be especially prevalent for large residential driveways in semi-rural areas as these driveways are bigger, they are more susceptible to damages.

When you have damages, it’s time to consider driveway resurfacing and driveway replacement, but most home and business owners do not fully understand the difference between them. We have outlined the main differences below to help.


Resurfacing Driveways vs Driveway Replacement

In some instances, driveway resurfacing may suffice, but in others, starting from fresh is necessary. Over time, exposure to the heavy weight of vehicles, the elements and chemicals can degrade your asphalt driveway. This is especially true for car parks in warehouses, factories and shopping centres as they suffer from a heavy amount of vehicle traffic-coming and going. Likewise, heavy duty areas are often prone to use by heavy vehicles, which continuously takes a toll on the asphalt surface.

If patching the cracks, which is the easiest driveway temporary repair option, is no longer enough, you may need to consider resurfacing the asphalt driveway.

Resurfacing a driveway may involve completely removing and replacing the top layers of asphalt. Any necessary preparatory work including profiling, repairs and sealing is done before the final top layer of asphalt is laid. Once the surface is ready, the asphalt is applied.

When deciding to resurface or completely replace a driveway here are a few things to consider:


Asphalt Cracking

The most common damage on your asphalt surface is cracking. If you have an asphalt driveway, you may see a variety of different cracks forming such as alligator, linear, block cracking as well as edge cracks. Knowing the difference between each of them might assist you in understanding what type of asphalt repair work your surface needs, saving you time and money.

In general asphalt damage can be repaired by sweeping the damaged area and resurfacing with new asphalt. If a crack is particularly deep or is causing structural damage, the area will need to be removed in sections and replaced or patch repaired, followed by a full resurface.

If the surface is not left too long, the majority of old asphalt drives can be resurfaced with only minor preparation costs required prior to resurfacing.

An up close image of a cracked asphalt surface such as driveway or car park which requires asphalt resurfacing in Perth.



Age and Drainage Issues

After many years of exposure to the elements, asphalt damage is inevitable. This can be especially true if you have a large residential or commercial driveway in the semi-rural areas of Perth as extreme weather conditions such as high heats can slowly wear away at your driveway.

Trying to patch a very old asphalt driveway where damage is more widespread with severe cracks and holes is normally not worth the effort, since new issues will almost certainly arise as soon as you have repaired them.

Additionally, drainage issues if left unresolved, can weaken the surface, and contribute to an increase in cracking or even potholes.

Depending on your existing driveway’s age you can rectify drainage issues without the need to replace the entire driveway. You could install strip drains, add kerbing, or replace soakwells.

However, doing only quick repairs can make your driveway last a little longer, but at some point, the extra work isn’t worth it and you will have to resurface or even replace the whole asphalt driveway.


Is it Time for a Driveway Replacement?

Although resurfacing can fix many asphalt driveways, it is not a cure all. Some asphalt driveways have extensive damage that extends to the driveway’s foundation. For example:

  • If cracks and potholes are particularly deep and causing structural damage, the area may need to be replaced or more extensive repairs done prior to resurfacing.
  • Severe damage caused by adjacent trees cannot be repaired easily unless roots are removed. This may affect the tree in the future.
  • If installing strip drains, adding new kerbing solutions, or replacing drainage piping does not solve drainage issues, you may need to completely replace the driveway.
  • Typically asphalt driveways may last up to 30 years. Resurfacing a driveway of this age is often economically viable, unlike concrete and pavers which need to be fully removed and relaid.

In most cases asphalt replacement is a cost effective and long-term solution. To repair the asphalt, professional Perth asphalt companies will cut away the damaged asphalt and remove it either by profiling, by hand or bobcat, depending on the size of the damage. They will then access the cause of the damage and potentially relay the base. New hot mix asphalt will then be laid to completely cover the repaired section, leaving you with a completely replaced section of asphalt.

A tired looking driveway may simply not match the aesthetics of your newly renovated home or business premises. Replacing an older surface with fresh asphalt that has a great lifespan will improve the appeal and value of your property.

A new asphalt residential driveway spanning across multiple houses in a semi-rural area in Perth complete with drainage.



Getting a Driveway Replacement Has Never Been Easier!

All home and business owners must keep their asphalt areas in good condition. Poor surface conditions in driveways, car parks, or other heavy duty areas can contribute to vehicle and human accidents.

The cracks in your driveway are normally caused by the underlying base material. You may need to have the damaged driveway surface completely removed and replaced with fresh asphalt if the damage is beyond the scope of only resurfacing.

If you require an asphalt driveway replacement, NK Asphalt is the best company in Perth to complete the project. We will inspect the job and give an honest opinion to arrive at the most cost-effective method for a good long-term result. We have been performing asphalt services like this for all sizes of commercial, government and residential jobs, and will ensure that the area is suitably graded and remove tree roots before laying the new asphalt driveway to protect against future damage.


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