Do you have a gravel, pebble or concrete driveway that is starting to look a little tired and overused? Or maybe potholes and cracks are starting to form and the driveway is chipping away. If so then you’re probably looking for cheap driveway ideas or resurfacing options.


Cheap Driveway Ideas

Resurfacing your concrete or gravel driveway with asphalt is a cost-effective and durable solution that is resistant to weeds and ants, this means it’s less likely to crack compared to concrete or paving. Compared to other materials, asphalt is fast to install, so you’ll keep your labour costs down and it also doesn’t require a long curing time like concrete, so you’ll be able to drive on your new driveway within a few hours.

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If you’re making your decision based on style then, asphalt has a number of colours for you to choose from that can be matched to your landscaping or house design. You can also add kerbing to keep out leaves and protect the edges of your driveway.


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Risks of Not Resurfacing Your Driveway

A damaged concrete or gravel driveway may seem to like something you can delay repairing, but there are few major reasons you should think about driveway resurfacing sooner rather than later.


The longer you leave your driveway to erode, the worse the damage will get and the more difficult the repairs will be. If the cracks and potholes go so deep that they damage the road base, then the cost of repairing, replacing or resurfacing your driveway goes up.

Car Damage

putting off resurfacing your concrete or gravel driveway could lead to material coming loose. This material if not swept away can easily get flicked up into your car, cracking a window or damaging the paint.

Decreasing your home’s value

If you’re thinking about selling your home, having a rundown driveway up to your house can lower your sale price. Buyers may see this as something they need to repair once they buy or it may just reduce the overall appeal of your home.


Gravel Driveway Resurfacing


A gravel driveway may be a cheap and fast option when you’re first installing a driveway but it can be hard on tyres and can flick up to damage your car. If your gravel driveway is uneven, thinning or full of weeds you can’t get rid of, it could be the perfect time to upgrade in a driveway material that will be long-lasting and impressive looking.

Resurfacing a gravel driveway with asphalt is a cost-effective option compared to concrete or paving and it will last anywhere from 12 to 35 years depending on installation, weather and use. Asphalt has the added benefit of being resistant to weeds and ants – this means no more weekends trying to pull out or spray every little weed that’s popping up.

Depending on the size of your driveway, an experienced gravel driveway resurfacing company can have the work completed in one day and you’ll be able to drive on it within a few hours.


Concrete Driveway Resurfacing


Many Perth homeowners choose concrete driveways for their range of style, but once they begin to erode, concrete driveways can be expensive to replace or resurface with concrete. An affordable and durable concrete driveway resurfacing alternative is asphalt. Fast and easy to lay over the existing concrete driveway, asphalt and comes in a number of colour options to refresh your homes look.

Unlike concrete or pavers, asphalt doesn’t require joints to allow for expansion in Perth’s hotter months. Asphalt’s composition using bitumen makes it adaptable to changes in the climate and because it is installed as an uninterrupted surface, there are no gaps for weeds or ants to separate or move the driveway.



Professional Perth Driveway Resurfacing

Whether you’re due for an upgrade or considering about putting your property on the market, a driveway replacement may be the right solution for you. NK Asphalt has been surfacing and resurfacing concrete and gravel driveways with asphalt for over 30 years and we work all through Perth, the hills and surrounding semi-rural areas. We specialise in large residential driveways and commercial areas.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of asphalt and the what services we offer, please contact our team today or request a free on-site quote.

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