A quality asphalt surface is what we’ve come to expect in Perth thanks to the hard work of asphalt companies and their advanced technologies. The machines used by NK Asphalt are rarely seen by the public, but they all play a crucial role in providing stunning asphalt surfaces for commercial and residential properties.

Join us as we explore the modern technology used by Perth asphalt companies.

Asphalt companies and their machines

At NK Asphalt, we own and maintain all our own machines in our workshop, meaning we aren’t let down by hired or unreliable equipment.

From site preparation to applying the finishing touches, here are the main asphalt machines used by top-quality asphalt companies like NK Asphalt.

Profiling machine

Also called a milling machine, the profiling machine is used to remove the top layer of the existing asphalt surface. If the foundations of the surface are still suitable, a profiling machine will leave the underlying surface to be swept and ready for a fresh layer of hot mix asphalt. In some cases, the profiled surface may be used by traffic temporarily if required, though we often apply the overlay on the same day to reduce damage and delays.

asphalt profiling machine at work

A profiling machine removing the old asphalt surface to be followed by NK Asphalt laying a new red asphalt surface later the same day to minimise disruption.

Basecourse Compactor

For new asphalt driveways, car parks, or commercial areas, a basecourse is required to provide a foundation for the asphalt surface. This foundational layer needs compacting and water binding to ensure it provides a stable base under the asphalt for years to come. That’s where the vibrating steel drum roller comes in.

basecourse compactor

Basework compaction and water binding

Tackcoat Spray truck

The spray truck is used to spray a tackcoat onto the base or old surface prior to asphalt being laid, to act as an adhesive between the new asphalt and the base underneath. Depending on access and the job layout, the tack is sprayed with a spraybar on the truck or by hand using a hand spray hose.

tackcoat spray truck

NK Asphalt spray truck

Asphalt Paver

Asphalt pavers are self-propelled asphalt laying machines with a screed attached to level the surface. The asphalt mixture is loaded into the front of the paver where it’s fed to the rear and spread with augers to the screed, where it is laid at a set thickness.

NK Asphalt owns and operates a large fleet of asphalt pavers. The fleet includes different paving machine types in various sizes, plus steel rollers and multi-tyred rollers to cater for a range of job sizes / layouts.

asphalt paver

A rubber-tyred asphalt paving machine (above) and tracked asphalt paving machine with electric screed (below).

tracked asphalt paver

Asphalt compactor (roller)

Asphalt paving machines compact the asphalt to a certain extent, but it needs further compaction. Similar to the roller used for compacting the basecourse, we use steel drum vibrating and multi-tyred rollers to ensure the asphalt is adequately compacted.

asphalt roller

3 tonne steel drum roller

Kerbing machine

Asphalt driveways and car parks can be enhanced with the addition of concrete kerbs. The Kerb Doctor Kerbing Machine lay 32mpa ready-mixed concrete into a variety of driveway kerb formations.

kerb doctor

Kerb Doctor Kerbing Machine awaiting 32Mpa ready mixed concrete on our baseworks.

Other machines

Delivery tip-truck and trailer

Transporting asphalt can be by six or eight wheel trucks, with or without trailers or semi-trailers on more open layout projects.

asphalt delivery trailer refilling paver

A six-wheel truck and trailer loading a paver with asphalt

Bobcat / Skid-Steers

Bobcats are used for removing old surfaces and debris that may impede our operations that can’t be removed by sweeping machines alone. They also deliver asphalt into the paving machine where truck access is limited.

bobcat spreading asphalt

Skid-steer (bobcat) removing recycled asphalt to be resurfaced with hot-mix asphalt.

Pedestrian rollers

If you’re wondering how our drum rollers compact in tight areas, that’s where the pedestrian compaction roller comes in. More manoeuvrable and versatile than the double drum roller, this device is the perfect alternative.

pedestrian asphalt roller

28” pedestrian rolled for compacting where a full-size roller won’t fit.

Around edging or tight corners, we use a steel handheld roller to provide a flush finish where needed when a plate compactor or larger roller can’t be used.

asphalt shovel

NK Asphalt team smoothing out freshly laid asphalt for a rural driveway.

Transport float

Perth asphalt companies like NK Asphalt have a lot of equipment to haul to and from each worksite. We use a ‘float’ to securely transport the asphalt pavers, rollers, and more.

transport float

Our float with one of our paving machines, a steel drum roller, and a multi-rubber tyred roller as a single load.

How asphalt companies are evolving

Like most other industries, Perth asphalt companies have come a long way to provide a better-quality material in a better timeframe. Many tasks that used to be manually completed now have a degree of automation which enhances the asphalt laying process for the customer and the contractor.

Additionally, the asphalt mixtures have improved over the years – with our advanced hot-mix asphalt the latest in residential and commercial grade asphalt.

old asphalt machines

Part of our fleet in 2004. All our machines are serviced and updated over time.

Call on one of Perth’s leading asphalt companies

Laying a large area of asphalt is not something that’s feasible with a DIY project. For premium results that will stand the test of time, call on one of Perth’s leading asphalt companies in NK Asphalt.

We provide and lay asphalt for large driveways, car parks, hardstands, plus a range of commercial applications to Perth and the surrounding areas up to 100km from Perth.

If your asphalt project is between 150m2 and 50,000m2, get in touch with us today.

Trevor Calnon

Trevor is a founder and Director and has over four decades of experience in the asphalt and bitumen industry. NK Asphalt was established in 1989 to deliver top-notch asphalt works across the Perth metro area and outer suburbs. He is dedicated to providing the right solution for clients and is an expert in all aspects of asphalt works - and the alternatives that clients often compare.