Starting the residential driveway involved re-trimming existing gravel materials. Our crew then continued to box out and reshaping the existing gravel and installed the new roadbase as a basecourse.

The basecourse is required as a support for the new asphalt and is an important part of the pavement structure.

The process for this job included a nominal 100mm thickness of new roadbase. Along with the application of tackcoat, supply and lay of a 30mm thickness of red oxide gravel hot asphalt.

Our crew also installed a small asphalt water diversion hump to help direct water run-off as requested by the owner.

Residential Driveway in Darlington

Freshly laid red asphalt driveway in Darlington with no kerbing.

Residential Driveway in Darlington

this asphalt driveway several years later with oxidisation

The owners decided to have a red-oxide drive without kerbing to blend in with the natural bush surrounding. The job includes base preparation and asphalt surfacing. The picture above shows how well the residential driveway has aged several years on.