Asphalt is one of the most sought after and trusted surfacing materials. It is durable, long-lasting, and withstands the test of time. Today it is common to also use recycled asphalt for driveways and commercial use.

But, many people wonder about the difference between new asphalt and recycled asphalt – are both long-lasting? Are they both quality and cost-effective commercial driveway solutions?

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about recycled asphalt vs new asphalt. First, let’s take a closer look at what recycled asphalt is, so you can understand the difference between new and used asphalt.


What is Recycled Asphalt?


Cracked asphalt


On another page, we have explained what Asphalt is including the benefits of hot mix asphalt.

Recycled asphalt is basically broken or cracked asphalt which is excavated when a building is demolished, from construction sites, old roads, parking lots and driveways.

More industries are turning to asphalt recycling these days as opposed to discarding old asphalt in dumping sites. Asphalt is non-biodegradable, therefore it will not break down or decompose with time which leads to the accumulation of debris in landfills.

Processing of asphalt involves a series of operations that include crushing the old asphalt and screening impurities. All this usually happens at a facility. Old asphalt can be also pulverized on-location and mixed for use there. This means the recycled asphalt can be put to use without being transported at all.


Environmental Implications


Recycling asphalt makes a huge difference for the environment. As mentioned earlier, the material can take up enormous amounts of room in a landfill, and it does not biodegrade at all. When old asphalt is reclaimed and reused, fewer raw resources are required. At the same time, landfills are freed up from the burden of non-biodegradable asphalt waste.

Increasing the use of recycled asphalt products plays a key role in significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Reclaimed asphalt weighs less than new asphalt, so there is also a reduction in carbon emissions when transporting it.

Additionally, used asphalt can be mixed with new asphalt, which takes away some of the burdens of manufacturing. When new asphalt mixes with recycled materials, it creates a thicker, more durable product.

Recycled asphalt is 100% recyclable and renewable, so it has an incredibly long life span.


Issues to Consider with Recycled Asphalt


New asphalt


Although recycled asphalt has good bonding qualities, there are some potential quality issues you can run into with recycled asphalt, for example:

Used asphalt does not retain its colour as long as new asphalt does. The material is primed for discolouration due to sun, rain, and chemicals.

There can be more variance in quality when it comes to recycled asphalt. The recycling process can result in quality issues that turn into cracks and potholes as time goes.

Therefore, if you would like the classic black asphalt colour for your car park or driveway, you want to use new asphalt instead of recycled asphalt. Find out more about asphalt colours and why asphalt is ideal for commercial properties.


The Benefits of New Asphalt


Although the process of recycling asphalt yields an asphalt coated product that can be used as an inexpensive and environmentally friendly option, the obvious pros of new asphalt include the colour and quality.

New asphalt is an ideal choice when it comes to installing a new driveway for commercial use. Recycled asphalt is simply not as deep-coloured as traditional new asphalt. Also, the quality of recycled asphalt varies and depends on how it is recycled and where it is recycled.

Therefore, business and homeowners often prefer the attractive look and deep colour of fresh and non-recycled driveways as well as their durability for vehicle traffic, weather conditions and plant roots.


Why Choose NK Asphalt for Your New Asphalt Surface


Before you purchase your asphalt, you should make sure that you do your research so you can make an educated decision.

At NK Asphalt we pride ourselves on providing high-quality new asphalt services at the best price for your property. Whether you are building a new driveway or parking area, new asphalt is an attractive and durable option that can be installed quickly and requires relatively little maintenance afterwards.

We supply asphalt for residential and commercial projects such as car parks, hardstands, and large driveways in three colours to give you the flexibility to create your asphalt project in a design that suits your business. However, we ask for a minimum land size of 150m2.


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