NK Asphalt offers a range of coloured asphalt, and one of the most popular choices for car parks and driveways in Perth is red gravel asphalt. Red asphalt matches beautifully with natural bush and semi-rural Perth areas, as well as a range of home designs.

We often recommend red asphalt as a style choice, but it will also reduce the heat absorbed by the driveway or car park. Even though red asphalt is a lighter coloured asphalt, compared to black or brown, red asphalt still has a low glare compared with concrete and excellent contrast to show car bay markings.

See how we’ve used red asphalt in our past driveway and car park jobs in Perth.


Red Gravel Asphalt Driveways Perth

Many of our clients choose asphalt to surface their driveway because of its durability and resistance to damage from water, roots and ants.

Often replacing damaged bitumen driveways or a deteriorated gravel driveway, asphalt is a cost-effective choice for large or long driveways.

For semi-rural driveways, red oxide gravel asphalt is one of the most popular choices as it nicely blends in with the red earth surroundings and brown of the trees.

We can also provide kerbing when surfacing red asphalt driveways as it will not only protect the edges of the driveway but contrasts the red asphalt to clearly show drivers the edge of the driveway and avoid runoffs. However, kerbing is not essential, with many drives and outer suburban roads not being kerbed.

Depending on the size and state of your existing driveway, red asphalt driveways can often be laid in one day and be ready to drive on later the same day.

View our previous red asphalt driveways in Perth for ideas and inspiration or contact us for a free measure and quote for a red asphalt driveway.

red asphalt driveway with kerbing by NK Asphalt

semi rural asphalt driveway perth (18)

red asphalt driveways perth

Residential asphalt Driveway in Darlington


Red Asphalt Car Parking Lots

Red asphalt has become a popular choice for shopping centres and commercial car parks because it looks modern and lighter compared to standard black/grey asphalt. We often use a combination of red asphalt and black granite asphalt to mark pedestrian areas and designated car bays.

Like all hot mix asphalt, red asphalt can surface large parking areas, causing minimal disruption to customers and workers. Unlike concrete or paving, red asphalt is laid as a continuous surface without the need to add joints to allow for expansion during Perth’s hotter months. Because of asphalt’s composition and flexible bitumen binder, red asphalt expands and contracts with the weather without cracking.

Red asphalt is also extremely durable and can withstand years of high vehicle use with little maintenance required. This is why red asphalt is such a popular choice for large car parks with a high volume of vehicles.

Nk Asphalt Hardstands red oxide


Red Asphalt Commercial & Government Projects

As asphalt is a preferred choice for many commercial areas including hardstands, factories, workshops and industrial areas, we offer red asphalt as a style option because it is as equally durable and hardwearing as our black and brown hot mix asphalt. Red asphalt can also be used in large projects to mark specific areas including:

  • Pedestrian walking paths
  • Bike lanes
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Bus lanes
  • Slow driving areas
  • Entry driveways
  • Speed humps
  • Traffic islands

Fremantle marine asphalt

Nk asphalt Hambleys IGA before and after of car park resurfacing

















We are proud to have worked on a number of projects for both state and local government, including the Parliament of Western Australia in West Perth where they chose to resurface the driveway and area in front of the steps with red asphalt. Many of the materials used for the construction are from local WA sources and the red asphalt beautifully matches the natural materials.


parliament house Nk asphalt compact road roller

parliament house asphalt perth

Image: Albany Advertiser


Perth’s Red Asphalt Experts

With over 30 years of experience surfacing driveways and car parks using red asphalt, we are Perth’s leading asphalt company. Call us today or book a free measure and quote for your asphalt project.


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