How to Repair Your Old or Damaged Driveway

Do you have a gravel, pebble or concrete driveway that is starting to look a tired and overused? Or maybe potholes and cracks are starting to form and the driveway is chipping away? If so, then you’re probably looking for helpful ideas on how to repair driveways or information on asphalt resurfacing options for how you can bring your Perth residential or commercial driveway back to standard. Thankfully, you’re in the right place, whether you’re dealing with gravel, pebble or cement driveway damages on gravel, pebble or your asphalt driveway is looking worse-for-wear, there is a driveway repair solution that fits you.


Repairing Gravel, Pebble or Asphalt Foundations

A gravel or unsealed driveway may be a cheap and fast option when you’re first installing your Perth driveway but it can be hard on tyres and broken off material can flick up and damage any vehicles which come to your business or residence. It is also susceptible to damages in the winter, where materials can wash away during winter rains. These issues are especially pronounced if you have a gravel or pebble car park rather than an asphalt car park, due to the high level of traffic.

If the gravel on your large driveway is uneven, thinning or full of weeds and you can’t get rid of, this could be the perfect time to upgrade to a driveway material that will be long-lasting and continue looking impressive and polished for years to come.

Choosing asphalt resurfacing as an option for driveway repair is a cost-effective option compared to patching, concrete or paving and it will last anywhere from 20 to 35 years depending on installation, weather and use, with virtually no ongoing maintenance cost. At a similar age, concrete needs to be fully demolished and replaced, as do pavers, at considerable expense. By comparison, an asphalt surface can have minor repairs carried out and fully resurfaced at a competitive cost. This is true for any asphalt surface, whether it be a large driveway, car park or commercial heavy duty area.

Depending on the size of your driveway, an experienced asphalt resurfacing company can have the asphalt work completed in one day and you’ll be able to drive on it within a few hours. The initial base preparation will take longer as it is an essential part of the end product and ensures water runs off and levels are correct.

An orange car sitting on a damaged gravel driveway in need of asphalt resurfacing used to repair driveways



Repairing Cement Foundations

Many Perth homeowners choose concrete driveways, but once they begin to crack and erode, concrete driveways can be expensive to replace or resurface. Unfortunately, concrete which is cracked and failing will normally need to be demolished and replaced in full, as asphalt will reflect the same cracking if it is laid over old cracked concrete. We recommend not laying asphalt on concrete for that reason.

Unlike concrete or pavers, asphalt doesn’t require joints to allow for expansion in Perth’s hotter months and cooler winters. This problem becomes especially prominent in semi-rural areas which suffer from more extreme heat and weather conditions. In contrast, asphalt’s composition using bitumen makes it adaptable to changes in the climate and is installed with minimal joints where paving runs meet, making it the optimal choice for Perth’s outer and semi-rural suburbs.

A car parked on top of a cracked and damaged cement driveway in need of asphalt driveway replacement used to repair driveways.



The Risks of Unsealed Pavement

A damaged gravel, pebble, cement or asphalt driveway may seem to be something you can delay repairing, but there are a few major reasons why you should think about conducting driveway resurfacing sooner, rather than later.


The longer you leave your driveway to erode, the worse the damage will get and the more difficult the repairs will be. If the cracks and potholes go so deep that they damage the base, then the cost of driveway resurfacing, repairing and replacing goes up. Minor pothole temporary repairs can extend the usable life of a driveway and then be resurfaced at a later date but they do not offer a long-term sustainable solution.

Car Damage

Putting off resurfacing your old driveway could lead to materials coming loose. This material, if not swept away, can easily get flicked up by your car and cause car damages, or in the case of commercial driveways or commercial car parks, damage the cars of your customers. It can also  damage the paint or loose materials going onto your lawn, paths or flower beds.

Decreasing Your Home’s Value

Initial impressions of your homes or business frontage are important.

If you’re thinking about selling your home or running a business, a rundown driveway up to your house or commercial building can lower your sale price. Buyers may see this as something they need to repair once they buy or it may just reduce the overall appeal.

Damaging Your Business

Neglecting to maintain and repair your business’s driveway with asphalt resurfacing can lead to significant consequences. An unsealed, damaged parking lot can deter potential customers and they may see your business as poorly maintained or unprofessional. In addition, existing customers may complain about the inconvenience and potential damage to their vehicles.

A previously damaged driveway now resurfaced with asphalt as an option for driveway repairs complete with custom central garden.



Professional Perth Driveway Resurfacing

Whether you’re due for an upgrade or considering putting your property on the market, a driveway or car park asphalt resurface or replacement may be the right solution for you. NK Asphalt has been surfacing and resurfacing old bitumen, asphalt and unsealed driveways with asphalt for over 30 years and we work all through Perth, the Hills and surrounding semi-rural areas. We specialise in large residential driveways, strata units and commercial areas within an 80 kilometre radius of Perth.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of asphalt and the services we offer, please contact our team today or request a free on-site quote.


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