Your Options for Driveway Repair

Beyond practicality and safety, the look and feel of your driveway directly affects the value of your home or business. And like any other asset, your driveway requires ongoing maintenance to postpone its inevitable replacement.  When you start to see cracks and damages form in your large residential or commercial asphalt driveway, you’re left to wonder what the best option for driveway repair is. Plus, how big of a driveway repair job you require. As Perth’s asphalt resurfacing experts we’ve seen it all and are happy to share our knowledge or repairs, resurfacing and replacement of asphalt driveways with you, so you can understand the best next steps for repairing your large driveway.


Why Patching Isn’t a Permanent Driveway Repair Solution

Repairing your old asphalt driveway should be part of its maintenance program. Stopping a small hole from turning into a large pothole or failure will increase the longevity of your driveway.

However, larger or frequent repairs and holes can indicate ongoing damage beneath the surface which can become a significant problem if not identified. It is important to know that surface patching is only a temporary fix. Patching repairs will only stabilise your driveway in the short term and if used consistently can build to be very expensive then a larger repair project.

To avoid repetitive patchwork and for a more aesthetically pleasing result, asphalt resurfacing offers a reliable long-term option.

Contractors will sometimes recommend patching in sections to fix asphalt driveways that present cracks and holes. This process involves cutting and removing a larger surface area and replacing it with new asphalt from the base up. While cost-effective, large patching can have an uneven appearance and can leave your asphalt driveway prone to further damage that will inevitably require further resurfacing or replacement. Patching in sections can also lead to water ponding or interrupting water flow to drainage points.

An industrial asphalt roller compacting a new smooth asphalt driveway for residential or commercial use.



When to Use Asphalt Resurfacing

After 20 years or more, any driveway surface will be compromised and due for a resurface or replacement. For asphalt driveways in semi-rural areas, damages may be more frequent due to factors such as the size of the driveway, possible extreme weather conditions and heat, and heavy vehicle use. Similarly commercial driveways which suffer from heavy vehicle traffic may deteriorate more quickly.

Thankfully, asphalt resurfacing does not always require the complete removal and replacement of the top layer of the old asphalt driveway such as when the driveway is in a fairly reasonable condition. A material that matches the original in colour and texture can extend the lifespan of your driveway for another 15 years or more and make it look new again at a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement.

With over 30+ years of experience in driveway resurfacing in Perth, we have compiled a list of indicators that your driveway requires asphalt resurfacing. Consider asphalt resurfacing for your driveway when:

  • The damage is less than 25-30% of the entire driveway surface
  • You are considering the patching of larger sections
  • You notice uneven areas forming dips and puddles
  • There is overgrown vegetation and weeds
  • Your asphalt driveway is up to 20 – 30 years old
  • The basecourse (driveway foundation) is still sound
  • Pothole repairs have become expensive with no long-term relief

An old asphalt driveway, can in the majority of cases, be resurfaced without removal of the old surface. However, if left for too long before resurfacing, it may be necessary to remove the old surface.

When we replace a driveway, we start by removing a layer of asphalt and leveling the surface, adjusting drainage features, and removing tree roots before laying the new asphalt. These steps will rehabilitate the structure of your old driveway and protect it against future damage. We finish the job by laying a fresh asphalt layer for a neat “new driveway” look.

Large split asphalt driveway for residential or commercial use which has had an asphalt resurface for driveway repair



When to Replace Your Driveway

Driveways are not built to last forever. Constant exposure to traffic and the weather will eventually take its toll. This is especially prevalent for commercial driveways which will see a high amount of traffic and day-to-day use.

Repairing without resurfacing an old driveway will only leave you in an endless cycle of damage and repair. It’s why we strongly recommend replacing any driveway when:

  • The damage is larger than 25 to 30% of the entire surface
  • The driveway is 20+ years old.
  • The old surface is thin and cracked / crazed
  • The basecourse (driveway foundation) is unstable and/or in poor condition

Replacing the driveway surface is a long-term investment and a clean start. Keeping up with the maintenance of your new driveway will ensure it should not require any major work for another 20 years, depending on its use over that period.


Professional Driveway Resurfacing in Perth

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