Are you a strata manager of an apartment complex? Or perhaps you own a residential building within a strata-managed complex. Either way, you will be aware of the first impressions that your driveway and car park make on a visitor or perhaps, a buyer. Car park resurfacing is a simple yet cost effective way to up the value of your property and branding appeal while creating the new car park feel.

We all know that feeling, when you’ve been driving on an old road, full of cracks and pot holes. Then you transition onto a new road or driveway, that feels so smooth it feels like driving on silk.

After 20 years, you might find that your car park is in a state that requires repairs, resurfacing, or even a complete replacement. If you want to ensure that your complex is giving the best impression to visitors, it’s probably time to consider a new surface for your carpark. So, what are your options?

The Difference Between Resurfacing and Replacement

Resurfacing is the process of repairing damaged and potholed areas, removing tree roots etc. Afterwards, new asphalt is applied directly over the top, creating a new car park or driveway. It’s a cost-effective process but requires that the previous asphalt was installed correctly to begin with.

Replacement is when the old surface is removed and disposed of offsite. The underlying base material can then be either reworked or may need replacement depending on its condition. A new asphalt surface is then applied to the basework.

When You Should Resurface For A New Car park

If your car park has been installed correctly, it is likely to be around twenty years before it needs resurfacing, depending on its use over that period. Even though cracks in your car park are inevitable, there are some that should be noted if you are managing a building.

If you see cracks that are either along the edge of the carpark, or ones that resemble the shape of a fish scale, this can indicate that the basework under the asphalt is moving. In situations like these, there is no amount of resurfacing that will repair the damage on a long-term basis, and therefore the car park will require other repairs before resurfacing.

Not sure what your building’s carpark needs? Speak to one of the professionals at NK Asphalt today. They will take you through the options to ensure that your building has the best carpark and represents your building’s worth.


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Paul Calnon

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