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Asphalt offers a durable car park solution for high-traffic areas. Made to withstand wear and tear, weather conditions and the level of high usage that a car park may carry, Asphalt is the ideal commercial solution. Asphalt car parks can be seen all around Perth from their use in shopping centres, commercial businesses, industry, self-storage areas, and more. If you’ve parked somewhere recently, chances are it was asphalt.

Due to the versatility of asphalt, it also works well to suit the aesthetics of a particular area or business. Available in different colours, an asphalt car park guarantees that your car park not only feels good on customer wheels and will stand the test of time, but it will also blend with your business in a way that compliments your brand. We understand that you don’t want the car park to be the focus of your business, which is why our car park solutions are low maintenance, with reduced risk of cracks and damage. With added fast curing times, customers won’t be waiting for the pavement to dry before they’re ready to park at their favourite business.

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NK Asphalt has been providing car park solutions to businesses and governments across the Perth area. With 30+ years laying asphalt foundations for car parks, commercial and heavy-duty areas, large semi-rural areas and more, our team knows everything there is to know when it comes to car parks. Ready to share in our knowledge? Take a look at our blog posts and get up to industry speed on everything to do with asphalt car park solutions.