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Finding yourself feeling unsure on what driveway material is right for you? When it comes to building a driveway, many people find themselves confused about whether concrete or asphalt is right for them, with many struggling to just differentiate the two. That’s why we’ve compiled our knowledge into easy-to-understand resources that can help explain the key differences in material choices and outline why we’ve been loyal to asphalt driveways for over 30 years. Learn more and explore our asphalt and concrete driveway resources below.

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What is the difference between Asphalt and concrete? While they share similar components, such as aggregate and sand, the binder sets them apart. Bitumen is the adhesive used in asphalt and it provides a welcomed durability that helps asphalt driveways last longer and repair easier than their concrete driveway counterparts.

At NK Asphalt, as experienced asphalt driveway experts, we’ve observed the potential downfalls that are associated with concrete first-hand. Concrete comes with a tricky inflexibility, once a concrete driveway reaches the end of its lifespan, it typically requires complete demolition and replacement. In contrast, asphalt driveways can often be resurfaced, providing a more cost-effective and efficient solution. There are also differences to consider when it comes to long-term durability, colour, and appearance.

Need guidance? Our team has the expertise necessary to guide you through the decision-making process for your driveway including look, style, material, timeframe, budget and more. Reach out to our friendly team today or explore our resources.