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People occasionally talk about tarmac and asphalt interchangeably, but observing the two materials closely will reveal that they are nowhere near the same. While both paving materials, they each hold distinct differences that drastically change their performance for paving purposes. Once popular for surfacing car parks, driveways, airport runways, and more, tarmac is no longer used in Perth.

Thankfully, high-quality alternatives such as asphalt are here to suit your budget and needs. In the below articles, we explore the differences between tarmac and asphalt and help you understand why asphalt is the preferred choice for modern surfacing projects.

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One of the main reasons people confuse their two is their similar appearance and tarmacs previous popularity as a surfacing solution, but now, asphalt has taken its place. Both materials are made of an aggregate of gravel and sand, but the key difference lies in the binding agent. Asphalt uses bitumen as a binder, while tarmac uses tar. This difference in composition makes asphalt a more durable, flexible, and weather-resistant material in comparison.

Interestingly, the term “tarmac” is still used to refer to airport runways, even though it is no longer used for this purpose. You may have heard someone complain about being “stuck on the tarmac” while waiting for a plane to take off.

At NK Asphalt, we specialise in providing high-quality asphalt solutions for your surfacing needs. With over 30 years of experience serving the Perth metro area and beyond, our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional workmanship and customer service. Whether you’re looking to surface a driveway, car park, or any other outdoor area, we have the expertise to get the job done right.