Asphalt Repairs, Replacements and Resurfacing

Once cracks and potholes start forming in your asphalt you need to act quickly to avoid further asphalt damage and a potentially increasing repair bill. Leaving damaged asphalt another week can mean that water starts to penetrate the bitumen and cause the asphalt to separate. Addressing the damaged asphalt quickly will also give you the opportunity to get a quote and choose a professional and reliable Perth asphalt company.

There are several factors that can cause asphalt damage including water, tree roots, poor installation, oil and grease, and general wear and tear. Most of these factors are out of your control and are difficult to stop once they’ve started taking effect. For more detail read our article on The Main Causes Of Asphalt Damage.

Your options for asphalt repairs will be determined by the extent of the damage. Let’s examine your options for asphalt and bitumen repair.

DIY Asphalt Damage Repairs

DIY bitumen and asphalt repairs should only be attempted on small cracks that aren’t being caused by issues below the road base or surface cracks that haven’t penetrated the base. DIY bitumen repair kits will only allow you to seal small cracks in the asphalt in the hope to keep water and tree roots from getting into the cracks.

Asphalt crack filler usually comes in a litre bottle with a nozzle that will allow you to squirt sealant into the cracks. The sealant should withstand rain and wear and tear, postponing further asphalt damage and delaying bitumen repairs. DIY asphalt repairs are not a long term solution and if you’re not sure about the issue causing the damage you should seek a quote from a Perth asphalt company.

Professional Asphalt Repairs

If you’re suffering from cracks and potholes in your asphalt driveway, road or carpark, we advise getting a quote for professional asphalt services. Depending on the size of the asphalt damage, the company will clean the damaged asphalt and fill the holes with new asphalt. The area will then be smoothed out and compacted to ensure the cracks are filled and no edges are protruding to cause bumps.

Asphalt Replacement

In most cases of asphalt repair, asphalt replacement is an affordable and long term solution. Once cracks and potholes start to penetrate the base, asphalt replacement is the best option to avoid further damage and fix the problem long term.

To repair the asphalt, professional Perth asphalt companies will cut away the damaged asphalt and remove it either by hand or bobcat, depending on the size of the damage. They will then access the cause of the asphalt damage and potentially relay the base. New hot mix asphalt will then be laid to completely cover the removed section, leaving you with a completely replaced and repaired section of asphalt.

Nk asphalt Hambleys IGA standard granite car park process

Soakwell being installed under a new asphalt car park.

Asphalt Resurfacing

In the case that your asphalt has been damaged to the point where there are several cracks and potholes throughout the driveway, road or carpark. We recommend getting a quote for asphalt resurfacing to repair the damage. This is will bring your asphalt surface back to life and provide a long term solution, rather than ongoing maintenance costs.

Nk asphalt Hambleys IGA standard granite car park process

Laying loose material in preparation for the bitumen and compacting.

During the asphalt resurfacing process the existing driveway, road or carpark will be swept, levelled and new asphalt will be laid to give you a brand new surface. This is a great opportunity to have kerbing installed to protect the edges of the new asphalt from degradation.

Asphalt Reinstatement

If the damage to your asphalt is so severe that it needs full removal and base reinstatement, a Perth asphalt company will profile and remove the old asphalt to a consistent depth. They will then ensure that the base is suitable by removing any tree roots and carrying out minor repairs. The asphalt company will fix any unevenness in the surface to prevent further issues with water pooling on the surface.

A completely new base will be laid and compacted, followed by new hot mix asphalt. The entire process will leave you with a brand new asphalt surface that can serve you for decades to come.

Getting a Free Measure & Quote for Asphalt Damage

NK Asphalt is one of Perth’s highest regarded asphalt repair companies, we’ve been repairing asphalt damage for over 30 years and have an excellent reputation for customer service and quality of work.

Get a free measure and quote to repair your asphalt damage.

When we repair asphalt, we make sure to prevent any further damage by allowing for drainage points, levelling any areas where water can pool and installing kerbing to prevent root damage.

Nk asphalt Hambleys IGA standard granite car park

New asphalt car park project being completed during trading hours by separating workzones from completed areas.

Asphalt repair jobs in Perth and outer suburbs of up to 2,000m2 can be completed from start to finish in only one to two days on-site. NK Asphalt can accommodate your business or tenants by staging the asphalt repair process to allow for ongoing access to your business or housing complex.


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