For large and semi-rural property owners, a good quality and reliable driveway is essential. These properties usually require a driveway that extends to multiple areas, not just the main garage. Asphalt is undoubtedly the best surfacing material for these large driveways, and its flexibility makes it perfect for unique asphalt driveway designs.

In this article we explore 11 creative asphalt driveway designs and shapes to help you plan the ideal driveway for your property.

Planning your asphalt driveway designs

Asphalt driveways provide a grand entrance to your property, enhancing your home’s appearance and ensuring smooth transit to and from the road. While a creative and intricate driveway is great to look at, its function is more important and can be easiest to keep clean than brick paving, for instance.

While asphalt is capable of sharp corners and tight bends, a direct route is more efficient in most cases. However, you should consider the landscape around your property and the areas of the property that need driveway access. If the property has hills, trees, rocks, and other obstacles, your driveway designs may be more creative.

If you need help planning the perfect asphalt driveway designs for your property in Perth’s outer suburbs, make sure to contact NK Asphalt. Explore 11 common designs and shapes below.

11 Asphalt driveway designs and shapes

The adapted letter driveway

A simple yet interesting way to design your driveway is by looking at the alphabet. The L-shaped, or U-shaped driveways are quite popular as they’re direct and incorporate plenty of your property in a single stretch of asphalt. Every property is different, so you may find another letter suits your needs a little better, consider others like a P, Y, or h shape.

h-shaped driveway

Lowercase h-shaped driveway

The teardrop shaped driveway

A graceful way to enter and exit a property in a singular direction. This shaped driveway could split immediately after exiting the road and create a loop up to or around your house. A ‘teardrop’ driveway encompasses a large area, allowing plenty of access to other areas.

teardrop shaped driveway

Teardrop shaped driveway

The battle axe shaped driveway

Much like a battle axe, this driveway shape is less defined. Generally, it involves a long straight entrance before splitting at a T-junction to reveal a single or two wider areas. This loose design can be adapted to your property, but it allows for lots of space in front of the house, shed, or wherever else you need it.

battle axe shaped driveway

battle axe shaped driveway

The horseshoe shaped driveway

Also known as a U-shaped driveway, a horseshoe driveway shape is great if the frontage of your property has space for a separate entry and exit point.

horseshoe shaped driveway

horseshoe shaped driveway

The triangular driveway

A sharper version of the teardrop shaped driveway is a triangular driveway. It really depends on the design of your property, but the 3 corners of a triangular driveway are great for maximising space and accessing 3 or more primary locations.

affordable driveway resurfacing Perth

triangular driveway

The modern grid driveway

If your large property has several areas to access, a grid-patterned driveway is a good way to maximise the driving surface without an overly intricate shape. A grid provides access to all sides of a structure and allows space for gardens and other obstacles in between.

Square, grid-like driveway

A square, grid-like driveway

The circular or oval driveway

Navigate with convenience using a circular design. You may choose a large circle or oval to extend around the house or a smaller shape in front of the house, creating a roundabout.

Round circuit driveway

Round oval-like driveway

The split driveway

Where Paths diverge in a Y-shape – perfect for direct access to two structures. A split driveway is useful if you have two separate garages for two homes or need access to a shed.

split driveway

split driveway design

The serpentine driveway

A winding pathway makes your driveway a little more interesting to drive on and may be needed to avoid obstacles. Hot mix asphalt is the ideal surfacing material to construct a winding driveway thanks to its flexible and sturdy composition.

A winding route is also great for very steep driveways as it reduces the ascent.

serpentine zig zag driveway

Serpentine, zig-zag driveway

Freeform asphalt driveway designs

Unleash your creativity with a freeform driveway that perfectly suits your property. Combine elements of other asphalt driveway designs and shapes with your personal needs.

custom freeform driveway

freeform custom asphalt driveway

The driveway runway

Whether narrow or wide, if you’ve got a flat property, you can’t go wrong with the direct runway style driveway. Before committing to this straight shooter, make sure you’ve considered all areas that require driveway access and obstacles that can make paving difficult.

Split driveway runway

Runway split driveway

Chat to us about your asphalt driveway designs and shapes

However your large property in Perth or the surrounding semi-rural areas is shaped, NK Asphalt can help with asphalt driveway designs.

Feel free to discuss your driveway needs with a member of our team and get a free measure and quote for driveways over 150m2.


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