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Asphalt Bitumen Driveways

Asphalt bitumen driveways are a cost-effective and durable choice for large or rural driveways in Perth and surrounding areas.

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The Difference Between Asphalt and Bitumen

Asphalt and bitumen are very different. Firstly, asphalt is manufactured in a plant, transported and laid at a nominated thickness then compacted. Whereas, a bitumen seal is sprayed as a liquid, then covered with aggregate (stone) and rolled to bed the aggregate into the bitumen. The bitumen seal process can be repeated to give a two-coat bitumen seal.

5 Things to Know Before Getting a Bitumen Driveway


The Benefits Of Having an Asphalt Bitumen Driveway

Due to its composition and elemental makeup, asphalt holds a variety of advantages over other popular surfacing materials such as concrete, pavers, gravel and recycled (profiled) asphalt. Throughout the years, we have been helping countless families and businesses surface and re-surface their properties thanks to the durability, affordability and reliability of asphalt resurfacing.

Often used across car parkslarger driveways and semi-rural areas throughout Perth, asphalt is often a preferred surface due to its relatively low cost. Asphalt doesn’t require expansion joints and can often be installed without the removal of old pavement, making it a lot easier to install and maintain. Other pavements such as old brick paving and concrete need to be demolished and replaced in full. With easy installation and maintenance comes a level of affordability which makes surfacing or resurfacing an asphalt bitumen driveway a popular choice throughout Perth.


How Much Does an Asphalt Bitumen Driveway Cost?

Having surfaced and resurfaced a wide range of asphalt and bitumen driveways in Perth throughout the past 30 years, one of the most common questions we are asked is regarding asphalt and bitumen driveway costs. Given the durable nature of the material and its ability for easy installation and maintenance, asphalt driveways are more affordable than you might think.

Our experienced team at NK Asphalt always provide an obligation-free quote for each job individually as there are several conditions which ultimately dictate the cost of asphalt bitumen driveways. Some of these include:

  • The colour of the asphalt.
  • The thickness of the asphalt surface to suit traffic/vehicle types and volume.
  • The total size of the driveway that requires surfacing or resurfacing.
  • Aggregate size in the asphalt.
  • Repair requirements of the driveway.
  • Accessibility and/or the layout of the driveway to be surfaced or resurfaced.
  • Additional factors such as carports drains, kerbing and traffic control that need to be included.



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Wherever you are in Perth, the Hills and out to the outer suburbs, we’re happy to provide you with a free quote and advice for an asphalt bitumen driveway. We specialise in large and mid-sized driveways for commercial and strata properties and semi-rural residential driveways from 150m2 to as large as you require.

If you are looking for a quote on a new asphalt bitumen driveway, please call or email our team today to request a free quote. Alternatively, you can view our past residential projects.

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