Different Colours of Asphalt

Did you know there are two different colours of asphalt you can choose from for your carpark or driveway? NK Asphalt offers two colours of asphalt for you to choose from, giving you the freedom to select which colour best suits your landscaping, function, or street appeal.

Our Coloured Asphalt

Whether you’re looking to get an asphalt driveway or need a business car park resurfaced, we have an asphalt colour to suit any situation. If you’re not sure which colour of asphalt will look the best at your home or business, contact us for a free measure and quote and we can provide you with some local addresses of past projects near you. We’ve been laying asphalt in Perth for over 30 years and can provide you with recommendations on which asphalt colour will suit your home or business.

Actual colours can vary from photo/website examples and from job to job.

Why Use Coloured Asphalt?

Not only does coloured asphalt look great, but it also gives you the freedom to pick which colour (or colours) suit your need. Whether you want a driveway that will add street appeal and value to your home, or you’ve got a large commercial area that needs professional surfacing that meets safety regulations, NK Asphalt can help with our range of coloured asphalt.

Here are a few examples of residential and commercial uses of coloured asphalt:

Semi-Rural Asphalt Driveways

Due to the nature of semi-rural driveways in WA, your driveway will often be surrounded by natural bush and gravel type soils. An excellent option for rural asphalt driveways is our red oxide gravel asphalt. The lightness and contrast of the red oxide asphalt will help rural driveways to blend into the surrounding landscape.

The red earth tone of the asphalt is also well suited to the natural surroundings of the Perth Hills and outer suburbs. By adding kerbing (with or without colour) to your rural driveway you can achieve a more formal appearance if that is your preference as well as protecting your driveway from damage to the edges. The red oxide asphalt is dark red/maroon initially, with the gravel aggregate becoming more evident as it oxidises.

Asphalt Driveways in Perth

Choosing asphalt for your driveway means you’re getting a cost-effective and durable product that is going to last you for years (check out the full benefits of asphalt driveways here) and a choice of black/grey granite or red/brown gravel-based asphalt, you can now choose a style to match your home.

Depending on your home and landscaping design, you can select an option of a red oxide gravel asphalt driveway. You’ll definitely capture your neighbour’s attention and distinguish your home.

Alternatively, for a subtle and classic look, you can select our non-coloured black/grey granite asphalt. These colours will give your home a broader appeal to potential buyers while still looking amazing. The gravel pave (1% red oxide) is a dark red/maroon colour initially becoming a lighter permanent red/brown colour once it oxidises in approximately twelve months. The granite asphalt is black initially, becoming grey as it oxidises as can be seen on most roads and car parks.

If you need help deciding which colour to choose for your asphalt driveway in Perth, check out our past residential asphalt driveway projects.

Commercial Car Parks

Asphalt car parks for businesses or shopping centres are traditionally surfaced in our black granite asphalt but by adding coloured asphalt to some sections you can distinguish them and provide easy identification for areas like:

  • Car parking bays
  • Pedestrian walking paths
  • Bike lanes
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Bus lanes

We can easily surface or resurface your commercial car park with a combination of coloured and non-coloured asphalt to help your staff and customers see areas of importance.

Contact NK Asphalt today to get a free measure and quote and get experienced and professional advice on which asphalt colour will suit your need.


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