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Baden St Osborne Park carpark resurfacing by asphalt contractors

Warehouse & Factory Unit Asphalt

For a durable and cost-effective car park and driveway for your warehouse or factory, get a quote from Perth’s leading company, NK Asphalt. We have been surfacing and resurfacing asphalt since 1989 and pride ourselves on quality work.

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Why Choose Asphalt

As Perth’s leading commercial asphalt company, we choose to use hot mix asphalt to provide our customers with strong, weather-resistant and durable surfaces that can handle continual use from heavy vehicles and machinery.

Not only is asphalt a highly-durable car park material but it is one of the most cost-effective options when surfacing a large area. Asphalt is laid in continuous length and doesn’t need joints to allow for expansion in warm weather. This means the installation time can be quicker than concrete or paving and the car park is resistant to damage from water, roots and ants.

We offer factory and warehouse asphalt car parks and driveways in a range of colour to suit your business, as well as concrete kerbing to prevent damage.


Asphalt Resurfacing

If you’ve got a cracked, potholes or chipped car park that is deteriorating, don’t wait to get it resurfaced. Asphalt car park resurfacing is quick, easy and affordable and you’ll be left with a brand new car park that is resistant to damage from water and roots.

No matter what the material of the existing car park, gravel, concrete, paving or old asphalt, we can repair or remove the damaged sections and lay a brand new layer of asphalt over the top. Leaving you with a smooth and professional-looking car park.


Customise Your Car Park

We work with every customer to deliver an asphalt car park that will improve your business operations and prevent damage. When getting a quote, speak to our team about your needs and we’ll design a custom asphalt car park that can include:


Perth’s Leading Asphalt Car Park Company

We realise that when work has to be done with tenants and other businesses being open, it is important to be on site on the date promised and carry out works within the allocated time frame with minimal disruption to all related parties. We’re known for not only delivery high-quality car parks and driveways, but a positive customer experience that you’d be happy to tell your friends about.

We are fully insured and work safe compliant. Our team are reliable full-time employees and all undertake regular training and retraining. We take pride in providing top-notch customer service and delivering a job on time.


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For high-quality asphalt car park installation that’s completed on-time and on-budget, contact NK Asphalt, Perth’s leading asphalt car park company. We have worked with many industrial business owners and understand the requirements for heavy vehicles and machinery.

We provide upfront advice for every job and free measure and quotes. Call us today or request a free quote.


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If your carpark is 150m2 or more and in Perth, the hills, or surrounding areas.

This car park has been given a new facelift. It's such a satisfying feat to resurface a car park and see what a difference it can make.

Trevor, NK Asphalt
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This was a successful and satisfying project to work on. Our experienced team managed to get this project done in good time and with good results.

Paul, NK Asphalt
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