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Semi-Rural Driveways

For over 30 years, we have helped Perth’s outer suburb’s residents and business owners bring their semi-rural driveway ideas to life through large asphalt driveways, suited to the harsher conditions of the bush and Perth hills.

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Our Semi-Rural Driveway Products

We offer Perth semi-rural asphalt driveways in three appealing colours that we’ve chosen for their versatility and aesthetic that will suit any landscaping and home design.

Our rural driveway solutions come with a choice of colours:

  • Standard granite asphalt is black initially, becoming grey
  • Gravel/laterite asphalt (no oxide) is almost black, becoming dark brown
  • 1% red oxide gravel/laterite asphalt is a dark red/maroon initially becoming a lighter red/brown as the gravel becomes more visible.

All the asphalt colours are a cost-effective solution for semi-rural driveway construction, with asphalt also being seen as a product which handles weeds and ants better than most alternative materials.

Red Oxide Gravel/Laterite Asphalt

Red oxide driveways are a popular choice for rural Perth residents and business owners. The vibrant red colour can be an appealing statement for your front entry, often blending in well with natural surroundings and landscapes. When first installed, the colour is usually a deeper shade of red/maroon, however, through use and over time, oxidation ensures the product turns a lighter shade of red/brown.

Gravel/Laterite Asphalt

Gravel/laterite is another popular choice for our semi-rural driveway clients, that want something that blends in with the natural surrounding of the bush. Without the addition of the oxide, the gravel/laterite asphalt mix starts as an almost black colour and changes to become dark brown.

Black Granite Asphalt

Our most commonly used and versatile asphalt colour, black granite asphalt semi-rural driveways will blend in with the road and present a uniform appearance. Black granite asphalt is common on our carpark and commercial asphalt projects as it provides high contrast with painted markings and kerbing.

Leaders In WA Semi-Rural Driveway Construction

Ever since we opened our doors in 1989, NK Asphalt have established ourselves as a trusted supplier for semi-rural driveways with a range of asphalt driveway solutions including;

We are a family-owned business who take pride in personal service and providing exactly what you require from the time you make your first enquiry, through to the completion of your semi-rural driveway job and beyond.

We have been building asphalt driveways in the Perth metro area, Perth hills, outer suburbs and surrounds for over 30 years. Helping families and businesses connect their properties to their communities with a series of premium asphalt semi-rural driveways.


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Due to our experience in semi-rural Perth areas, as well as our state-of-the-art machinery, have the capability to deliver creative solutions for your semi-rural driveway ideas. We never shy away from a challenge and our team prides itself on being able to provide effective asphalt driveway solutions for our clients.

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Our Semi-Rural Driveway Portfolio

We take pride in delivering quality semi-rural driveways for our customers in the Perth Hills and surrounding areas, having worked across a range of remote and rural locations throughout Western Australia, including as far south as Mandurah. As a family-owned business, we always strive for perfection, whilst providing a personable, old-fashioned customer service experience, ensuring each project is handled as if it is our own.

Our team of experienced employees love the process of guiding our customers through the journey of considering materials, looking at concepts and suggesting semi-rural driveway ideas, through to helping deliver premium semi-rural asphalt driveways which make a statement on your street or business.

For any questions you have about asphalt driveways for your rural Perth property, contact our experienced team for some advice or request a free measure and quote at your property.


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Take a look at some of our past projects below for a sample of the work we have carried out for our long list of happy customers.


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“My driveway looks fantastic! I’m a very, very happy customer!

Kate Smith from Parkerville
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This informal driveway in Darlington was a satisfying project to work on and the customer was really happy with the end result.

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