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Strata Parking & Shared Driveways Perth

NK Asphalt surfaces and resurfaces asphalt shared driveways and strata car parking, working directly with property management and body corporates for all strata asphalting services, including new asphalt car parks, asphalt repairs and residential driveways in Perth.

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Good planning with the building's strata company meant we could guarantee the residents could park their cars when returning home from work. We take pride in delivering our projects on time.

Trevor, NK Asphalt

For residential living in the Perth area, NK Asphalt provides surfacing solutions for apartment buildings and units that have shared driveways, driveway parking or multiple car bays. Our residential asphalt driveway solutions ensure that residential and strata codes are met, and your residents will be happy with the outcome.

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We install shared driveways and unit car parking for new developments and have decades of experience in resurfacing existing shared driveways and car parks that have deteriorated. With every strata asphalt driveway and car park project we provide free advice on the installation of kerbing, soakwells and driveway drains to prevent damage to properties from rain and vehicle wear and tear.

We are able to work on shared driveways and car parks in the Perth Metropolitan area and surrounds. This extends to Yanchep, Perth Hills, Bullsbrook, Northam, Serpentine, Rockingham and Mandurah.

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Strata Parking and Visitor Bays

NK Asphalt has been surfacing and resurfacing shared driveways, unit car bays and visitor parking spots for over 30 years and have an excellent reputation for delivering strata parking solutions that are cost-effective and provide an easy parking solution for tenants.

We work directly with owners, property agents or strata to surface the driveway and parking bays at a time that suits all parties. We can complete jobs in the middle of the day, while tenants are at work and the new asphalt will be ready to drive on by the time they come home.

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Shared Driveways

We surface and resurface shared driveways in Perth with durable, versatile and cost-effective asphalt. This will leave your driveway with a brand new surface without cracks, potholes or loose gravel.

Asphalt is tough wearing driveway material that can withstand years of wear and tear from not only cars but trucks and heavy vehicles. For a long-lasting driveway that will please everyone, we recommend asphalt for all shared driveways.

Asphalt driveways are available in three colour choices to suit your units and landscaping. Request a free consultation and quote today.


Apartment Parking & Driveways

Asphalt is a superior choice for large residential car parking and driveways, as it’s resistant to weather, ants and roots that can cause cracks to form. Due to the high volume of cars using the driveway and car park, we recommend asphalt to reduce maintenance costs and keep your tenants happy with a smooth surface that is durable.

Asphalt can be laid in any shape and is fast to install, this means less inconvenience to tenants and owners, with a reduced labour bill.

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Additional Shared Driveway Services

With all our asphalt shared driveway projects, we provide expert advice on driveway drainage and soakwell solutions to ensure that you’re meeting council requirements for rainwater runoff and protecting your new asphalt against water damage. Driveway drains and soakwells can be installed by NK Asphalt prior to the surfacing of your driveway to reduce any downtime and deliver a completed project.

NK Asphalt can also install driveway kerbing during the residential asphalt driveway project to keep out plant roots and leaves. This will not only protect your asphalt driveway from root damage, but it will keep your driveway looking nice and tidy.

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Residential asphalt driveway in Parkerville

Brilliant efforts from the team, proud of the work achieved. As always, we planned ahead to find the best time for the residents - so we could achieve the best result and have them home and parked in their new driveways the same night.

NK Asphalt
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Good planning with the building's strata company meant we could guarantee the residents could park their cars when returning home from work. We take pride in delivering our projects on time.

Trevor, NK Asphalt
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