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Driveway Surfacing Perth

Building a new driveway and are looking for driveway surfacing options? With colours to suit every house and landscaping, asphalt driveway surfacing is a stylish and cost-effective solution for long driveways.

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Choosing a Driveway Surfacing Option

Asphalt is a durable and skid-resistant driveway surfacing material and compared to other options, like paving, bricks or pebbles, will be long-lasting.

Asphalt is resistant to chipping and cracking compared to paving and cement because it doesn’t require joints to allow for expansion on hot days. This means that less water can penetrate between the surface and minimises movement of the driveway.

NK Asphalt specialises in driveway surfacing that will leave you with a finished product that can last you a long time. We do this by providing expert advice on drainage points and gradient levels to avoid areas where water can pool and erode the driveway’s surface.


Create a Custom Driveway

Whether you need a new driveway for your home or business, every driveway surfacing project quoted by NK Asphalt is customised to your needs and functional requirements. Our team will work with you to design your ideal driveway and create a solution that will not only look great but improve access from the road.

Driveway asphalt comes in a range of colours to suit your home, business or landscaping. Asphalt driveway surfacing results in a clean and modern look that will impress all your neighbours and clients.

Each driveway surfacing project has the option to install kerbing, drainage, soakwells and markings to prevent driveway damage and prolong the life of your driveway.


Driveway Resurfacing

If you have an existing driveway, NK Asphalt can resurface the damaged or old material with a new layer of asphalt to create a brand new looking driveway.

Strata asphalt driveway before and after

Driveway resurfacing with asphalt is a fast and cost-effective alternative to relaying the entire driveway or demolishing to resurface.

If you’ve got a cracked, chipped, damaged or potholed driveway, we can resurface with asphalt to deliver a smooth, consistent surface. Once we remove loose material on the surface of the driveway, we’ll profile to even the surface, then lay a new level of hot mix asphalt over the top. The end result is a stunning looking driveway that will be resistant to weeds and ants, and highly durable to heavy use.


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Semi-Rural Driveways Near Perth

If you’re fed up with the mud, sand and dust from a makeshift or damaged driveway, speak to our team for a free measure and quote for asphalt driveway surfacing.

Asphalt is the ideal driveway surface for semi-rural properties as it can be laid as one continuous length and it’s strong enough to handle heavy machinery and vehicles.

We can also help with changing the driveway gradient to avoid vehicle damage and install drainage and kerbing to prevent damage from roots and water.


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Perth’s Driveway Surfacing Experts

For a professional and impressive driveway that will last for years and years, book a free measure and consultation for asphalt driveway surfacing.

If you would like to find out more about what we can offer, please contact our team today or request a free on-site quote.


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If your driveway is 150m2 or more and in Perth, the hills, or surrounding areas.

This informal driveway in Darlington was a satisfying project to work on and the customer was really happy with the end result.

Trevor, NK Asphalt
view project

Good planning with the building's strata company meant we could guarantee the residents could park their cars when returning home from work. We take pride in delivering our projects on time.

Trevor, NK Asphalt
view project

NK Asphalt run a very tight operation. Their expertise meant they could make suggestions like laying the asphalt in sections to enable us to have the undisturbed access we needed to continue during the reconstruction.

Gary Miles, WA Newspapers
view project