Our Team

At NK Asphalt, we employ a talented team of people with two generations across four families, in both our operational crews and admin staff. Several team members have worked with us for over twenty years and have passed their skills and passion in the industry on to their younger family members.

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The Owners and Support Staff

Trevor Calnon, Director

Trevor Calnon brings over four decades of experience in the asphalt and bitumen industry, having started in 1980. In 1989, NK Asphalt was established with the aim of delivering top-notch asphalt works across the Perth metro area and outer suburbs. As the Director, Trevor takes charge of overseeing all aspects of NK Asphalt’s business administration, including quoting various types of asphalt and associated activities. Although he is now semi-retired, Trevor remains dedicated to the overall success and welfare of the business, actively participating in its operations and ensuring a strong financial position for both the company and its directors.

Paul Calnon, Director

Paul Calnon has been a valuable member of the NK Asphalt team for the past three decades, having joined in 1994. He administers the various associated works such as baseworks, kerbing and other site services throughout the Perth metro area. Paul quotes on all types of asphalt and related work throughout the Perth area. Paul became a Director of NK Asphalt in 2021 and looks forward to the successful continuation of NK Asphalt in the future.

Brad Lemmey, Director & Asphalt Supervisor

Brad Lemmey joined NK Asphalt back in 1998, starting as a member of the crew. Over the years, he has risen through the ranks and currently holds the position of Asphalt Supervisor. In this role, Brad takes charge of every aspect of the asphalt crew’s operations on a daily basis. His extensive experience working in the crew has equipped him with the ability to operate all the equipment utilised by NK Asphalt. This hands-on knowledge has also provided him with a deep understanding of the most effective methods to achieve optimal results for every job. In recognition of his exceptional skills and dedication, Brad was appointed as a Director of NK Asphalt in 2021. With his newfound role, he eagerly looks forward to contributing to the continued success and growth of NK Asphalt in the future.

Kyle Hunt, Operations Manager

Kyle Hunt joined the NK Asphalt team in 2022, following many years’ experience in asphalt operations on various remote and local projects throughout WA. With an asphalt career spanning more than 30 years back to 1993, Kyle’s industry knowledge and expertise has proven to be immensely beneficial to NK Asphalt since joining. His wealth of experience allows him to provide alternative ideas and insights that can only come from hands-on involvement in the field over many years. Kyle’s role involves all aspects of quoting the full range of asphalt and related works that NK Asphalt provides. Additionally, Kyle enjoys meeting a wide range of clients on site, by email and over the phone, to offer helpful advice and suggestions when needed. Kyle looks forward to a long and bright future with NK Asphalt.

Paul Speering, OHS Manager

Paul Speering plays a crucial role in overseeing safety and regulatory compliance at NK Asphalt. He utilises a specialised system tailored to the company’s needs. Paul’s responsibilities include managing traffic and addressing any site-specific requirements. Since joining NK Asphalt in 2012, Paul has been instrumental in ensuring that the company meets and adheres to the numerous occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements that vary from project to project. His expertise contributes significantly to maintaining a safe and compliant work environment for NK Asphalt, its staff and clients.

Administration Staff

Frances Searles, Administration

Frances Searles became a part of the NK Asphalt team in 2005, bringing her expertise to ensure the seamless and efficient management of accounts and daily operations. As a family-owned business in Perth, NK Asphalt greatly benefits from Frances’ exceptional organisational skills and meticulous attention to detail. Her invaluable support extends to all areas of the company, enabling the rest of the team to focus on delivering exceptional customer service and creating memorable experiences for clients throughout the Perth area.

Belinda Searles, Administration

Belinda is a valuable addition to the NK Asphalt team, bringing her expertise from a different business background. Despite not having prior experience in the asphalt industry, Belinda works closely with all members of the company and plays a crucial role in office administration. Her cheerful attitude towards staff, clients, and suppliers creates a positive and welcoming environment for everyone involved.


Our biggest advantage to you, the customer, is that the people on-site, in the office, and the directors still have that old-fashioned pride in our work. Our crew are full-time wages staff and we have worked together, in some cases, for over thirty years. To ensure continuity, productivity and the best way of carrying out the job on-site, we also employ younger staff. We value our staff highly and have a very low turnover. This is how we can guarantee consistency in our jobs that other companies can only dream about.

NK Asphalt Office


The basis of our reputation for reliability is maintaining all our machines and equipment in optimum condition. Servicing and maintenance is carried out by our mechanics in our premises in Maddington. With 20 machines, a fleet of trucks and numerous smaller pieces of equipment, regular servicing is essential.