We utilise a car park nearly every time we leave the house so our standards for commercial car park facilities are high! If you own or manage a property with a car park, you’ll realise that the surface deteriorates after many years, requiring repairs or resurfacing. One of the key players in revitalising a commercial car park is an experienced asphalt contractor.

This article delves into the importance of Perth asphalt contractors in improving car parks and the steps they take to make it happen.

Importance of a well-maintained commercial car park

A well-maintained commercial car park plays a vital role in enhancing a business’s overall image and providing a positive customer experience. Your staff and visitors will expect a smooth and safe surface for both drivers and pedestrians. If your property welcomes customers or clientele, the condition and functionality of your car park may even be a deciding factor behind their return.

When you realise it’s time to resurface or redesign your car park, an asphalt contractor should be consulted for the best result.

Asphalt contractor assessment and quote

The professional asphalt contractor will initially assess the condition of the existing surface, identifying areas that require attention. Whether it’s cracks, potholes, or an uneven surface, these concerns must be identified to formulate an effective plan. The inspection should also include the condition of the basecourse, which is the foundational layer below the main asphalt surface.

Another major area of concern is how the commercial car park directs water runoff, as puddles cause damage to the surface and provide an obstacle for drivers. An experienced asphalt contractor will assess the best option going forward.

old car park being measured

An old car park in Koongamia ready to be measured for resurfacing.

Setting clear objectives and goals

With a comprehensive understanding of the car park’s condition, the asphalt contractor works collaboratively with you to set clear objectives and goals for the revitalisation. A well-defined project timeline is established, outlining each phase of the process and the expected timeframes. Moreover, the allocation of resources is done judiciously to ensure a seamless and efficient project.

A key objective is always the layout of the commercial car park. A well-designed car park layout is essential for optimising traffic flow and ensuring efficient use of space. The asphalt contractor works closely with you to design the layout based on the specific needs and requirements of the property. Proper accessibility for people with disabilities is a priority, and safety features and clear signage are strategically placed throughout the car park to enhance user experience.

You may have other goals like incorporating green spaces and landscaping in certain areas or ensuring a wider and thicker driveway for heavy deliveries.

Minimising disruptions to business operations

A well-planned project takes into account the business’s operational hours and seeks to minimise disruptions. Effective communication with stakeholders, including customers, employees, and neighbouring businesses, ensures they’re aware of the ongoing work and its expected timelines. Safe access to the establishment is maintained where possible throughout the process.

The asphalt contractor prepares the car park for surfacing

Before commencing the project, thorough preparations are made to ensure a smooth process. The area is cleared of any debris, and any underlying issues are addressed to prevent potential complications during the surfacing process. This step lays the groundwork for a successful commercial car park transformation.

Asphalt surfacing or resurfacing

One of the primary tasks of an asphalt contractor is to surface or resurface existing car parks. If you need an entirely new car park, the contractor will remove the old one and start with the basecourse. However, more commonly, if the foundations are intact, you may require just a new surface layer to be applied. If the surface is in poor condition, this may involve removing / milling the top layer and laying a fresh, high-quality hot mix asphalt layer. Additionally, the contractor fills in cracks and potholes, repairs the surface and restores its integrity.

Enhancing safety and visibility

The asphalt contractor may provide additional services to improve the safety and functionality of the commercial car park. Traffic flow arrows, parking bay lines, plus kerbing and bumpers are the most essential inclusions for every car park project in Perth.

Make sure to identify these needs during the initial consultation and quote process.

asphalt project

A tidy driveway and commercial storage yard for The West Australian.

Quality Control and Inspection

Throughout the surfacing process, the asphalt contractor should conduct regular inspections to ensure that each phase meets the highest quality standards. Attention to detail is crucial to guarantee the durability and longevity of the revamped car park. Post-project assessments are also conducted to address any potential issues that may arise.

NK Asphalt is Perth’s leading car park contractor, providing exceptional-quality surfaces for a range of industries and property types.

Some of our commercial car park case studies

To gain inspiration and insight, this section presents real-life examples of successful car park resurfacing projects completed by NK Asphalt. These case studies showcase car park transformations, highlighting the significant improvements achieved through a professional asphalt contractor.

asphalt car park before and after

An IGA car park resurfacing project in Perth.

car park resurfacing

A resurfaced car park in Koongamia.

new car park

A new car park featuring kerbing, lines and a touch of green.

The Perth asphalt contractor for your commercial car park project

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