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New Driveway in Kelmscott

A new red oxide gravel asphalt in red/brown was installed for this owners residential home in Kelmscott, WA.

Great results from the team working on Kelmscott's owners residential home

Trevor, NK Asphalt

As always, we started the job with treating the current surface area. Involving the trim of existing gravel as well as handling the dead grasses and weeds. Our crew carried our this before hand to ensure the application process was smooth and long term.

Old driveway in Kelmscott

The driveway before Asphalt was installed at this residential home

before the asphalt was installed

Now the surface was ready it was time to supply, lay, compact and waterbind new ferricrete / gravel making suitable for asphalt surfacing at a later date.

New red oxide asphalt driveway

The driveway after Asphalt was installed at this residential home