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Koongamia Shopping Centre Car Park Repair and Resurfacing

The original car park at this property in Koongamia was around 40 years old and was in desperate need of a new hot-mix asphalt surface.
Whilst the owners had carried out numerous pothole repairs over recent years, it was becoming a waste of money to achieve temporary relief and also making the car park bumpy and uneven for pedestrians and traffic.

The uneven surface and large potholes also made the car park prone to puddles. Instead of opting for a temporary fix, NK Asphalt visited site for a full inspection then provided advice and options for the owner to consider before making a decision. The site visit is essential as only limited detail is available using aerial images on a computer screen. Once the owner decided to fully resurface the area, NK Asphalt provide a timetable so that the tenants and customers could be advised and inconvenience minimised.

The owners arranged for the blocked drainage to be cleaned out before our works commenced.

The works were carried out in less than a full working day on site with works including;

The first pictures below show how badly deteriorated the old surface had become over time.

asphalt car park growth

old asphalt

The following pictures show the car park after the resurfaced area had several days of rain, with no puddles, bumps or uneven surface levels in sight.

new hot-mix asphalt

new hot mix asphalt

new asphalt car park corner

As this type of work often isn’t a familiar or cheap process for owners and their tenants, NK Asphalt will do their best to arrive at the optimum result, whilst constantly keeping all parties advised of progress along the way.

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