At NK Asphalt, we work on a wide range of asphalt driveway projects in Perth and semi-rural areas, and if there’s one thing we understand, it’s that a new asphalt driveway isn’t complete without the proper driveway kerbing and drains.

It’s not uncommon for property owners to forget the importance of driveway kerbing and drainage, but with these elements, your new asphalt driveway, car park, road or hardstand will have a stronger defence against asphalt damage from plant roots and water.

NK Asphalt takes great pride in delivering a range of asphalt driveways to Perth property owners and driveway kerbing, soakwells and drains are absolutely crucial to consider if you want to prolong the life of your asphalt.

If you’re unfamiliar, with the driveway kerbing, soakwells and drains that are installed for asphalt driveways, car parks, roads and hardstands in Perth, here’s a quick run-through. In the following article, we’ll explain how we install driveway drains, soakwells and kerbing and why you should consider each of these as part of your next residential or commercial asphalt project.

Perth Driveway Kerbing

Driveway kerbing is the raised lines of concrete that divide areas like an asphalt driveway edge from the garden. They might also be used in larger commercial spaces such as shopping centres to segment parking spaces. Here are a couple of other commercial uses for asphalt kerbing:

  • Shopping trolley bays
  • Protection of lighting stands
  • Protection of car park pillars

Whilst driveway kerbing may not be seen as the most essential element of your new asphalt area, it serves an important protective function and can provide a great visual appeal finish to your asphalt driveway or car park.

Driveway kerbing can help with the beautification of your asphalt space, especially if you have a variety of neighbouring gardens. The division of your driveway from your garden beds by kerbing can provide clean lines that are an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home or business and can give your landscape a well-organised look.

Adding kerbing to your Perth driveway is also an effective means of reducing plants from spreading on to your asphalt driveway or parking spaces. Driveway kerbing can help keep your plants inside the garden bed as well as keeping leaves and other plant debris from blowing onto the driveway, meaning less time sweeping up for you!

Why We Use Concrete Driveway Kerbing

NK Asphalt’s first choice for driveway kerbing in Perth is concrete. Concrete, unlike other common landscape kerbing materials such as timber or vinyl, is highly durable and dynamic. Concrete driveway kerbing, unlike the alternatives, can take a beating from the weather elements and vehicles and still maintain its shape. Concrete can be laid to fit a variety of unique asphalt driveways, car parks and roads, leaving no limits to your landscape design potential.

Soakwells & Driveway Drains

Driveway soakwells are underground tanks that consist of a durable material, used to catch and disperse stormwater into the surrounding soil. By law in Perth and Western Australia, property owners have an obligation to confine stormwater run-off to their property, this includes water that can run off from an inclined asphalt driveway. By installing driveway drains and soakwells, you’re not only meeting the regulation requirements and not causing damage to neighbouring properties, but you’re also protecting your asphalt driveway, car park or hardstand from the potential damage that water can cause.

Besides protecting your neighbour’s property, soakwells and driveway drains also provide a range of additional benefits to your own premises that make them an essential consideration when installing a new asphalt driveway or surface.

Nk asphalt Hambleys IGA standard granite car park process

Soakwell being installed before a new asphalt car park is laid.

Preventing Asphalt Damage with Driveway Drains

Driveway drains and soakwells are great ways to prevent the erosion and degradation of your asphalt driveway. Having driveway drains and soakwells professionally installed will mean that your driveway has an effective means of drainage and can prevent structural damage. Driveway drains remove the excess water that pools in your asphalt driveway and will help prevent damage that water can cause, such as potholes, sagging and cracking.

Nk asphalt strata unit after

New asphalt driveways at a residential strata complex in Scarborough.

The Environmental Benefit of Driveway Drains

Additionally, asphalt driveway drains and soakwells are great for the local Perth environment. As Western Australia continues to grow in population and size, our water table continues to diminish. Having a soakwell not only means you’ll have a driveway drain that prevents pooling and erosion but will also increase the amount of Perth rainwater you’re returning to the water table. Allowing rainwater runoff to complete the natural water cycle, rather than ending up in a stormwater drain, is a far more environmentally friendly way to complete the water cycle and sustain the water table.

Build a Perth Asphalt Driveway with Kerbing and Driveway Drains

If you’re considering installing a new asphalt driveway or car park, talk to the expert Perth driveway drainage and driveway kerbing team at NK Asphalt. We have over 30 years of industry experience, our family-owned and operated business has the expertise to deliver more than simply an amazing new asphalt surface. With every asphalt driveway, car park or hardstand, we consider the additional elements such as kerbing, drains and soakwells to ensure your asphalt project will last longer and look prettier.

If you have any questions about driveway kerbing or drains, contact our team today or request a free on-site quote or advice over the phone.

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Paul is a Director of NK Asphalt and has over thirty years of experience in the asphalt and bitumen industry since joining NK Asphalt in 1994. He’s an expert in all aspects of asphalt works - and can give advice on baseworks, kerbing and other site services. He is dedicated to providing the right solution for clients - and can give great advice on the pro’s and cons of different methods clients may be considering.