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From the parking lots of major iconic chains like Bunnings to large semi-rural driveways, asphalt has become the go-to choice for pavement solutions due to its high durability and clean, polished appearance. As Perth’s experts on all things asphalt, we’ve put together some information and resources to share our industry insights and help those who are about to embark on an asphalt project by providing some key information on the asphalt process from start to finish.

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As a leading Perth asphalt contractor, NK Asphalt is committed to delivering top-notch asphalt surfacing and resurfacing solutions. Our team consists of more than 15 experienced asphalt experts, each of whom takes pride in providing superior quality services tailored to the diverse needs of our clients, regardless of the project’s landscape, budget, or scale. We take meticulous care to ensure that every project meets the specific requirements of our valued customers. Through our steadfast dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for local residents, businesses, and government agencies, contributing to the growth and development of our thriving communities in Washington state. Offering a multitude of services including driveway paving and repaving, car park solutions for warehouses and shopping centres, and paving for other commercial and heavy-duty areas including the construction of hardstands for vehicle storage.

As the Asphalt experts we’ve compiled a selection of resources and information to help our clients understand more about what we do and what an asphalt project entails. In this section of our resources, we’re sharing information on the asphalt process from start to finish.