Looking at Commercial Asphalt for Your Perth Business?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or improving your current commercial pavement, the material you pick for your pavement solution matters. With commercial asphalt, you can feel confident in your choice.

With over 35 years of experience paving commercial properties in Perth, NK Asphalt has seen first-hand how asphalt provides great returns for large commercial driveways, car parks and hardstands of local WA businesses.

Wondering how? Take a look at our round-up of benefits below to see how commercial asphalt benefits Perth businesses like yours.

The Benefits of Quality Commercial Asphalt for Perth Businesses

1. Improved safety

In commercial and industrial areas that have heavy equipment, fragile items, and strong traffic, the benefits of commercial asphalt shine.

The improved safety features of asphalt for Perth businesses are two-part. One part durability, and one part grip strength.

Asphalt’s high durability means that you minimise the risk of paving damages such as potholes or cracks which negatively impact the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.

Meanwhile, asphalt’s excellent, textured grip compared to other pavement solutions such as concrete significantly reduces the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents as well as vehicle accidents. For heavy vehicles or vehicles carrying significant cargo around your property, preventing this slippage is crucial to the health and safety of employees, customers, and all other personnel including delivery personnel.

The benefits of asphalts textured and enhanced-grip surface are especially prevalent during Perth’s rainy seasons where it holds a significant advantage and allows for improved traction.

2. Increased cost-effectiveness and ROI

There’s a good reason why so many of the roads you see are made out of asphalt — asphalts high durability and great flexibility make them perfect for high-traffic areas that produce lots of wear and tear, no matter the season.

Especially prevalent in commercial asphalt areas where large amounts of traffic and heavy-vehicle use are expected, the flexibility of asphalt means that it can withstand a strong influx of cars, heavy vehicles and machinery. This flexibility also means that it can withstand this traffic year-round, with the ability to maintain its shape despite the expanding and contracting that pavement experiences during significant changes in temperature and weather conditions.

3. Improved operational efficiency

There are many ways that asphalt impacts business operations that aren’t immediately obvious but, being in the business for over three decades, we’ve seen all the advantages of asphalt on commercial properties, including:

  1. Improved vehicle movement – Asphalt’s smooth surface paired with its great durability and grip strength means that vehicles move better around the business area, increasing flow and efficiency.
  2. Reduced wear and tear – Compared to gravel and other alternatives, asphalt is gentle on wheels. If you have the same vehicles coming to your business day in and day out, they’ll benefit from the easy drive over asphalt, perfect for vehicle longevity.
  3. Improved drainage – Asphalt can absorb and expel water making it easy to put drainage systems in place that set commercial asphalt driveways, car parks or hardstands up for success.
  4. Quicker cleanup – Unlike uneven paving solutions such as gravel, asphalt provides a sleek smooth surface that is easy to clean should it be necessary.

While these factors alone are not too significant, combined, they demonstrate how business efficiency is improved with asphalt surfacing. In tandem with the other great qualities of asphalt surfacing such as high durability and cost-effectiveness, quality asphalt provides a great deal of operational benefits.

4. Improved property value

Improve the resell and investment value of your property with a commercial asphalt solution. Available in a range of different colours with a smooth finish that’s easy on both eyes and vehicle tyres, commercial asphalt improves the appearance of your property and its value. When installed correctly with the right commercial asphalt contractor, and with a properly suited design, Perth businesses can see enhanced property value with asphalt solutions.

5. Enhanced customer appeal

In a gravel commercial car park, the loose gravel can cause minor damage to vehicles as small parts of the road flick upward, damaging the car’s paint. While this damage may feel small on your own vehicle, if it negatively impacts your impression to customers, the damage to your business will be much larger.

As the first and last thing your customers experience, improving the commercial paving of your Perth business is integral to attracting and retaining customers. With a nicely finished asphalt car park, hardstand or driveway, you can leave a good impression on your customers and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your business property.

The Positive Impact of Asphalt Surfacing on Hambley’s Supa IGA

Hambley’s Supa IGA in Queens Park was receiving frequent customer complaints about their car park littered with potholes and cracks. As the first and last impression on their customers, this negative experience risked turning away both loyal customers and first-time visitors who were dissatisfied with their parking experience.

Reaching out to NK Asphalt, the NK Asphalt team quickly provided a free measure and quote with a solution to reinstate the failed baseworks, replace the damaged grated soakwell lids and kerbing, and lay a new asphalt pavement.

After receiving the go-ahead, NK Asphalt carefully staged these works to allow continued access to the IGA, giving the car park a whole new look without needing to close down the centre.

Before and after of NK Asphalts commercial asphalt surfacing at Hambley's Supa IGA car park in Queens Park, WA.

Before and after the commercial asphalt surfacing solution at Hambley’s Supa IGA in Queens Park, WA.

Experience Better ROI and Business Efficiency With Asphalt Surfacing

High-quality commercial asphalt services can transform your business for the better.

While asphalt will always make for a fantastic paving choice for your Perth business, the benefits won’t be fully realised without the right contractor. At NK Asphalt we make sure that you get all the benefits of commercial asphalt, at the right price, guaranteed. We’re a family-owned and operated business with decades of experience in laying commercial asphalt foundations to help local businesses. This means we know how to lay your asphalt to optimise for durability and drainage while minimising disruption to your business. Plus, from seeing hundreds of designs across the Perth area, we’ll be able to share our expertise with you to help you get the best design for your building, enhancing curb appeal and property value.

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Paul Calnon

Paul is a Director of NK Asphalt and has over thirty years of experience in the asphalt and bitumen industry since joining NK Asphalt in 1994. He’s an expert in all aspects of asphalt works - and can give advice on baseworks, kerbing and other site services. He is dedicated to providing the right solution for clients - and can give great advice on the pro’s and cons of different methods clients may be considering.