After a decade or longer, your asphalt driveway may need a driveway resurfacing project to replenish its vigour and shine. Resurfacing an asphalt driveway is a cost-effective solution and is far easier to complete than an entire driveway replacement.

In this article, we discuss the process of asphalt driveway resurfacing in Perth.

How is driveway resurfacing different to driveway replacement?

As aforementioned, resurfacing an asphalt driveway is simpler than a full driveway replacement, but why?

An existing asphalt driveway should have the required basecourse setup and most damage you see is isolated on the top layer of asphalt. As a result, it’s usually the top layer that requires removal, allowing a fresh coating to be applied in its place.

For more detail on the differences of driveway replacement and resurfacing, see this previous article.

resurface an asphalt driveway perth

The NK Asphalt team working together to ensure a newly laid surface is compacted and shaped to perfection.

Asphalt driveway resurfacing or pothole repair

If your asphalt surface is suffering from potholes, we usually recommend a full resurface of the asphalt as this is cheaper in the long run. Should the pothole be a once off, we can recommend a quality asphalt contractor to repair it for you, as our equipment is suited to larger jobs.

To find out more on the benefits of resurfacing an asphalt driveway compared to a simple pothole repair, see this article.

Driveway resurfacing process

Resurfacing an asphalt driveway is a simple job for a professional asphalt contractor. Every project has a unique set of circumstances, but most will follow the following steps:

1.      Inspection and preparation

The first step is an inspection of the site, which comes with a free measure and quote at NK Asphalt. This inspection will assess the condition of the surface and other facilities including drainage, grading and more. The checks will reveal if any further work is required, and if resurfacing is the best course of action.

Site preparation for the driveway resurfacing will include removing any obstacles such as debris, damaged kerbing, access ramps or other attachments.

2.      Asphalt profiling

Also called milling, asphalt profiling is the process of removing the top layer of the existing asphalt driveway. The importance of this step is that it provides the required space for the fresh asphalt layer, so the top level is consistent. It also allows our team to access the base layer below to conduct the next step – asphalt repairs.

resurface an asphalt driveway

The crucial foundation for this asphalt driveway has been graded and laid.

3.      Surface repairing

Should the layers below have any minor cracks or holes, these will be sealed or filled in. This stage often uses asphalt as a filling agent, just to get the surface smooth and ready for driveway resurfacing. In some cases, profiling again in select areas is used to ensure a consistent area to layer the new asphalt on.

After these stages, clean-up of the existing top-layer of asphalt can take place.

4.      Resurface asphalt driveway

Once the basecourse is primed and levelled, resurfacing the driveway can begin. This process involves a couple of layers, starting with the sticky tack coat which helps bond the repaired surface below, to the smooth hot-mix asphalt which will be applied afterwards.

Hot-mix asphalt is the best material to resurface an asphalt driveway as it is versatile and easy to roll and shape to the necessary driveway figuration.

The freshly laid surface needs some time to cure and dry, after which, any required obstacles that were removed can be returned.

Resurfacing cost

Calculating the cost of resurfacing an asphalt driveway in Perth is no easy task as it relies on several factors. The best way to get a more accurate cost is with a free measure and quote from a professional asphalt contractor such as NK Asphalt.

If you’d like to figure out the scope of your project, consider the factors that contribute towards a driveway resurfacing cost in this article.

Resurface asphalt driveway Perth

You may consider completing your own resurfacing project, but the risk of poor installation can lead to severe premature damage. An experienced asphalt contractor like NK Asphalt are experts in the trade and will ensure the longevity of the new driveway.

We are one of Perth’s most well-known and trusted asphalt contractors and have the crew and equipment to complete your large driveway resurfacing project to the highest-quality.

Contact us today if your job is 150m2+ and in Perth or a surrounding area.

Trevor Calnon

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