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A hardstand is a paved area designed to support heavy loads, such as vehicles, machinery, and storage containers. Typically constructed using concrete, asphalt, or compacted gravel, hardstands are essential for industries that require a stable surface to park vehicles, store equipment, or conduct operations. In the articles below, we discuss hardstands in-depth, sharing insights from our 30 years of expertise in the asphalt industry.

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Hardstands are crucial for protecting valuable assets like vehicles and machinery from damage caused by cracked surfaces, stone chips, sand, or dirt which they may suffer from if left out in open areas with a difficult terrain. They eliminate the risk of vehicles getting bogged down and are ideal for areas where heavy vehicles, machinery, plant, and storage containers are parked for significant periods. They can also be used in areas where vehicle and plant traffic are constant, such as industrial yards, boatyards, storage yards, container storage, car sales yards, and vehicle depots.

Among the various materials used for hardstand construction, hot mix asphalt stands out for its high durability. The mixture of aggregate and bitumen is laid over a compacted base material and can be shaped to any required area. Thanks to Asphalt’s ability to cure quickly, an asphalt hardstand can be suitable for same day use for quick turn arounds. Asphalt also has a strong resistance to cracking and potholes for a hardstand that lasts the test of time. If you are looking for advice or further information on hardstands contact our friendly team of experts or look through our resources below on all things hardstand.