It’s easy to take car parks in Perth for granted given we usually use them every time we leave the house. However, when we experience a bad car park, we’re quick to judge and curse the property owners for their lack of concern. For this reason, quality car park construction in Perth can play a big role in business success too.

In this article we explore the ideal car park construction project, from consultation to handover.

Car park construction needs

A car park and its driveway are the first areas experienced by your customers, staff, and visitors. You want to nail the first impression without constant maintenance.


A car park needs to withstand heavy traffic and sometimes harsh weather. This combination can be catastrophic for a weak car park surface. There’s a reason asphalt is the number one material for car park construction in Perth.

Hot mix asphalt provides superior resilience to traffic and water, and its composition is extremely durable for a long period of time. Asphalts flexibility allows it to shape around sharp bends and corners, while creating a tight seal with kerbing.

Professional appearance

The visual appeal of a high-quality car park enhances visitor experience and can boost your land value. Asphalt is no work of art, but a tidy, well finished car park improves visual appeal to potential customers or clients. Maintaining this appearance speaks a thousand words about your commitment to the property.

asphalt car park lined bays

New asphalt car park by NK Asphalt featuring line markings, kerbing, and trees in the centre,


Long term affordability

As a property owner, you have enough ongoing costs to handle without worrying about your car park. Although car park construction can be a hefty upfront cost, you’ll save a lot on repairs and maintenance in the long run.

An asphalt car park is durable and can last for decades with minimal maintenance. Asphalt, unlike concrete, maintains its shape and any minor damage can easily be repaired. When it comes to car park resurfacing, the process for asphalt is simple and cost-effective, whereas concrete often requires a full removal and replacement.

Car park construction process

Project consultation and site inspection

Whether you’re after new car park construction or a car park resurfacing project, NK Asphalt begins by inspecting the site and providing a free measure and quote.

During this consultation, we can advise on everything you’ll need for a great car park. If you require kerbing, painted lines/arrows, or have an asphalt colour preference, we’ll factor these in too.

We assist with designing the car park to ensure effective access to driveways and parking bays, plus we can suggest the best traffic manoeuvrability sequence. Effective navigation around your car park is often crucial to keeping drivers happy and therefore encouraging repeat visits.

It’s also important to comply with national car parking standards, of which NK Asphalt will always adhere to during the designing and surfacing of your car park project. Find out more about the national car park standards.

Finally, we find a time for construction that suits you and your business operations.

Traffic management

Chances are, if you’re in need of a new car park or car park resurfacing, you’ll need traffic management too. Whether you’re after a shopping centre car park, residential car park, or other commercial property parking area, you need to assist drivers in parking and travelling past the works area safely.

NK Asphalt regularly carry out works in high traffic car parks and can effectively plan and direct traffic safely to avoid disruption. Our car park construction process can be staged to ensure there’s always parking available throughout the working time on site.

asphalt car park surfacing process

The NK Asphalt team managing traffic flow at this IGA supermarket after laying a new asphalt driveway.

Preparing the foundation

Preconstruction planning is essential for a new car park. The site must first be assessed and any soakwells required are installed. The basecourse is then laid to ensure the optimal gradient for water runoff.

The quality of the foundation is key to the longevity of the asphalt surface. A well-executed asphalt project from NK Asphalt will stand the test of time and save you lots of money in the long run.

Concrete kerbing is an optional extra that assists with protecting the edge of an asphalt surface. These also boost the visual appearance of a car park and can provide some functional benefits too. Firstly, a kerb is great for the edge of a parking space to prevent a car from overshooting a bay. They also contribute to help water runoff and avoid flooding garden beds or other surrounding areas.

bobcats installing soakwell for asphalt car park

The NK Asphalt team installing soakwells below a commercial car park.

Car park surfacing

The most exciting part is up next – laying the hot mix asphalt.

Our state-of-the-art machines and expert team will ensure the asphalt is laid to perfection everywhere, from the driveway to each individual bay. Depending on the size of the car park, this process may take half a day or as long as a few days. Whichever the scenario, freshly laid asphalt surfaces can usually be driven on within a few hours.

Proficient car park surfacing requires years of experience to master. NK Asphalt has laid asphalt car parks since 1989, including big brands and government institutions.

Finishing touches

We offer various other services to give your car park construction the best possible finish. These include painted parking lines and arrows to assist traffic, plus concrete bumpers/bollards to better separate the car park from surrounding areas.

Consider if these features are needed for your car park and let us know when we provide our free measure and quote.

Car park construction experts Perth

When it comes to car park construction in Perth, NK Asphalt has an exceptional track record and has built a strong reputation. We provide quality car park surfacing for a range of properties including retail centres, commercial businesses, heavy industry/storage, recreation venues, residential complexes, semi-rural and large driveways and much more.

Contact us below for a free consultation and quote on a driveway or car park construction project.

Trevor Calnon

Trevor is a founder and Director and has over four decades of experience in the asphalt and bitumen industry. NK Asphalt was established in 1989 to deliver top-notch asphalt works across the Perth metro area and outer suburbs. He is dedicated to providing the right solution for clients and is an expert in all aspects of asphalt works - and the alternatives that clients often compare.