Asphalt may not be as versatile for custom driveway styles and designs when compared to other materials, however, the fast laying and cost-effectiveness of asphalt for a large driveway in Perth is unmatched.

That’s not to say asphalt has no room for customisation. As you’ll soon see, custom asphalt driveways might include some awesome design features that will have your long driveway looking modern and stylish in no time!

Choose your colour

Asphalt is often used for carparks and roads around Perth, and the obvious colour choice for these is black.

For your custom driveway however, there are a couple of other great colour options to ensure your driveway style stands out to visitors.

Our Asphalt Colours

Our asphalt colours for projects in Perth and the southwest.

The red oxide and dark brown asphalt are more ‘earthy’ tones, and in time, will blend in nicely with the natural landscape, making them great for semi-rural driveways. Additionally, these colours absorb less heat than the traditional black surface.

Below are two neighbouring custom driveway projects completed by NK Asphalt in Parkerville.

Neighbours with the same driveway

A homeowner couldn’t be outdone by his neighbour so they agreed to share the same red asphalt driveway design with a white kerb.

For more information on coloured driveways, see this recent article.

Add kerbing

Kerbing is a popular custom driveway feature for our customers in and around Perth. These kerbs usually come in shades of white and grey and will look stunning alongside your selected driveway style. The kerbing works well to outline the edge of the custom driveway and is useful to incorporate a unique feature such as a garden bed. You can see an example of this below, from a project in Baldivis.

NK Asphalt project with custom garden

NK Asphalt project with space allowed for a custom garden to break up the driveway.

A custom driveway with asphalt edging or kerbing also enhances safety as the edge of the driveway is easier to see and reduces the risk of someone driving off in the dark. Additionally, kerbs provide a small barrier to guide excess water into drains, saving the areas around the driveway from overflooding.


As mentioned previously, a drainage system is required for most long custom driveways in Perth to ensure the asphalt doesn’t create puddles on the surface. Usually, a drain would be placed in the side of the custom driveway, along the kerb. Alternatively, a grill can be installed centrally, it all depends on the slope of the driveway, and any existing drainage setups.

NK Asphalt are experts in installing soakwells below their custom driveways too, ensuring the water drained will eventually join the underground water table, rather than flooding the surrounding areas.

NK Asphalt installing a soakwell

A soakwell being installed under a new asphalt car park in Perth.

Creative shapes

Custom asphalt driveways are the solution to a winding driveway style thanks to asphalts flexibility and manoeuvrability. If your long driveway faces natural impediments like trees, or goes up a steep hill, a custom asphalt driveway can find a comfortable route around.

If your Perth property requires a number of access points to a shed or separate garage, you may like to incorporate these into one custom driveway style. This will provide a smooth and direct transition from the road to the parking spot and anywhere else on the property.

See this property below with a beautiful custom driveway style which provides direct access to the front door and garage on the side.

Large stylish asphalt driveway.

Large stylish asphalt driveway with a roundabout and curved, gated entrance.

Custom commercial driveway

A custom asphalt driveway is great for Perth commercial properties too, as they require all the same features as residential. These driveways usually have a thicker and taller kerb so any trucks using the custom driveway will notice if they’ve reached the edge.

Furthermore, commercial asphalt driveways often feature directional arrows and crosswalks to guide visitors on their way to park.

New asphalt car park from NK Asphalt

New asphalt car park, driveway, and storage yard by NK Asphalt at The West Australian depot.

Custom driveways in Perth

NK Asphalt are leading specialists in custom driveway styles and have been since 1989. Our team is highly experienced in all of the aforementioned asphalt features, with expertise in semi-rural and large suburban driveways.

If you’re ready for a new custom asphalt driveway, or need a resurfacing, contact our friendly team today for a free measure and quote.

Paul Calnon

Paul is a Director of NK Asphalt and has over thirty years of experience in the asphalt and bitumen industry since joining NK Asphalt in 1994. He’s an expert in all aspects of asphalt works - and can give advice on baseworks, kerbing and other site services. He is dedicated to providing the right solution for clients - and can give great advice on the pro’s and cons of different methods clients may be considering.