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Asphalt is a common pavement solution for car parks, large semi-rural driveways and more. Used across every part of Australia from Bunnings car parks to Parliament House, it is the clear choice for pavement in Australia due to its high level of durability and smooth, clean finish. In this collection of resources, we share information related to asphalt and its many applications to help everyone from amateurs to experts keep up to date on every element of asphalt and the industry.

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At NK Asphalt we’ve been providing Perth with leading residential and commercial solutions for over 30 years with a growing team of industry professionals. Over the last three decades, our team has continued to grow our knowledge both in the industry and in the areas in which we work. Since our start, we’ve gained significant learnings in the construction of semi-rural driveways, servicing across Perth’s semi-rural areas including out into the Perth Hills, Northam, Serpentine, Rockingham and Mandurah. We’ve also learnt more about large-scale construction completing asphalt jobs for large commercial carparks up to 50,0000 square metres.

That’s why we can confidently say that our team is the full bottle on all things asphalt and with us hearing client questions on the topic day-in and day-out we also know what the biggest misconceptions and must-know questions of the industry are and we’re ready to answer them. Our blog covers all the biggest topics from the main type of paving in Australia to how asphalt compares with concrete.