Professional asphalt contractors provide premium-grade surfacing solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. However, in big cities like Perth, there are many asphalt contractors, and choosing the right one can make a big difference to your project outcome. This article explores 7 common mistakes property owners make when choosing an asphalt contractor in Perth.

Do I need an asphalt contractor?

If you require a new asphalt surface in Perth, you have two options. The first and safest option is to hire a well-known asphalt contractor. The alternative is to complete a DIY asphalt project. A DIY project is a huge risk, and one that almost inevitably causes greater issues in the short and long term.

A qualified asphalt contractor will undeniably provide far more value and security than attempting to complete a project on your own. That being said, it also benefits to take your time and consider the best asphalt contractor, as there are risks involved if you don’t.

Common mistakes choosing an asphalt contractor in Perth

Sourcing an asphalt laying service in Perth isn’t something that you should rush. You want to receive a high-quality and cost-effective asphalt surface, so it pays to complete some prior checks before going ahead.

1.      Ignoring experience and expertise

Experience is one of the best indicators of expertise, and therefore quality. Like most industries, more time spent working on projects means more development of skills and a vast wealth of knowledge to overcome any obstacle. Hiring an experienced asphalt contractor generally improves the final project outcome, and the quality is clear to see.

NK Asphalt has been providing the very best asphalt surfaces in Perth and the surrounding semi-rural areas for over 30 years. Since 1989, our experienced crew maintains an old-fashioned pride in the work we complete, and our customer service is second to none in the industry.

nk asphalt contractors at work.

The NK Asphalt team paving a sloped driveway on a semi rural property.


2.      Choosing based solely on price

When it comes to hiring an asphalt contractor, the temptation to select the lowest bid can be enticing. After all, who doesn’t want to save money? However, basing your decision solely on price can lead to significant risks and potential headaches down the road.

Low-priced asphalt contractors often cut corners to offer attractive rates. They may compromise on the quality and quantity of materials used or rush through the construction process, sacrificing attention to detail. This can result in subpar workmanship, premature deterioration, and costly repairs or replacements in the future.

While it’s essential to consider your budget, it’s equally important to prioritise value over cost. A reputable asphalt contractor like NK Asphalt will provide a fair and competitive quote that reflects the quality of their work, expertise, and the materials used. They will consider factors such as project complexity, surface preparation, and proper installation techniques.

Choosing an asphalt contractor based solely on price can also lead to hidden costs. Contractors who initially offer a low bid may add extra charges later in the project, such as unexpected material costs or additional labour fees. These surprises can quickly inflate the final price, negating any perceived savings.

Prioritise quality, reputation, and value to secure a durable and long-lasting asphalt surface that stands the test of time.

asphalt contractor completed work

Our asphalt contractors completed this large asphalt storage yard surrounding stables.

3.      Overlooking insurance and liability coverage

As with all manual trades, insurance coverage is important to ensure any unexpected property damage or staff injury is accounted for. It’s recommended to verify a contractor’s insurance policies in case something goes wrong, and they leave you with a big repair job.

NK Asphalt has policies in place so you can rest easy knowing your project will be completed safely and without any hidden complications.

4.      Disregarding an asphalt contractors’ technological proficiencies

In today’s rapidly evolving world, technology plays a pivotal role in every industry, and asphalt contracting is no exception. When selecting an asphalt contractor for your project, it’s crucial to consider their technological proficiencies. Embracing and leveraging advanced technologies not only enhances the quality of work but also ensures efficiency, accuracy, and long-lasting results.

Cutting-edge machinery, such as advanced pavers and heavy-duty rollers, can significantly improve the efficiency and precision of the paving process. This, in turn, leads to smoother surfaces, reduced material wastage, and enhanced overall productivity.

NK Asphalt’s ability to harness technology translates into superior craftsmanship, increased productivity, and cost-effectiveness. So, when making your decision, prioritise a contractor who embraces technology and demonstrates their commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry.

Most importantly of all is that the crew has long-term experience on site to ensure optimal results.

5.      Lack of clear project communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful project, especially asphalt paving in Perth. Choosing a contractor who prioritises clear project communication can lead to a host of benefits, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and satisfying experience for all parties involved.

Clear project communication allows for a comprehensive understanding of project goals, timelines, and expectations. When an asphalt contractor communicates openly and transparently, they ensure that everyone is on the same page from the very beginning. This fosters a collaborative environment where ideas, concerns, and feedback can be freely shared, leading to better outcomes. Moreover, clear communication reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

Transport float with asphalt paving equipment.

Loading our transport float with pavers, rollers, and other equipment requires teamwork and excellent communication.

6.      Neglecting to identify a warranty or guarantee

A reputable and reliable asphalt contractor stands by their work, and there’s no better way to display this than with a work guarantee or warranty. A warranty gives you peace of mind knowing your new asphalt surface has been provided with your best intentions in mind.

NK Asphalt guarantees the best results at a great price, every time. Should you experience any complications soon after we’ve completed an asphalt surfacing project on your property, we’ll make sure to investigate and rectify the problem.

7.      Lack of research and due diligence

Researching asphalt contractors allows you to delve into their background, qualifications, and reputation. A great way to do this is by reviewing their previous work through project case studies or by reading reviews. Reviews and testimonials from previous clients provide valuable insights into the contractor’s performance and customer satisfaction levels. Requesting references and project examples allows you to assess the quality of their work firsthand. Pay attention to the types of projects they have completed, as asphalt work can vary widely in terms of complexity and specialisation.

NK Asphalt has completed a huge range of projects – over 13,000 in and around Perth, from small, 150m2 driveways, to large Government and commercial car parks.

Avoid mistakes – choose NK Asphalt

Escape the stress of a botched asphalt surfacing job and hire a professional asphalt company like NK Asphalt.

We provide a range of asphalt services for projects between the size of 150m2 and 50,000m2 in Perth and the surrounding areas. Contact us below for a free measure and quote.


Trevor Calnon

Trevor is a founder and Director and has over four decades of experience in the asphalt and bitumen industry. NK Asphalt was established in 1989 to deliver top-notch asphalt works across the Perth metro area and outer suburbs. He is dedicated to providing the right solution for clients and is an expert in all aspects of asphalt works - and the alternatives that clients often compare.