If you’re in the market for a new asphalt pavement for your property, it can help to pick out similar projects beforehand. After many successful commercial, residential, government and strata projects, NK Asphalt has done it all before.

Actual examples of our works on other similar jobs are given when quoting as an actual job can be better than a website photo.

The following article shares just a handful of our 13,000+ completed jobs since 1989 to showcase the quality of our works.

Commercial asphalt projects

Most commercial properties across the Perth metro and Hills areas rely on asphalt for their day-to-day transport and activities. Asphalt pavement provides ease of access to an establishment and ensures smooth transport when on-site through driveways and carparks. Depending on the industry, many commercial and industrial properties rely on asphalt for hardstands and warehouse space too.

Businesses dependent on customer visitation and deliveries require high-quality asphalt to enhance customer satisfaction and business operations and to minimise public liability problems that may occur on older run-down / damaged surfaces.

Featured below are just a couple of successful commercial asphalt pavement projects completed by NK Asphalt in Perth.

Hambleys IGA and Tavern in Queens Park

NK Asphalt was called for a free measure and quote on this Queens Park car park. The existing asphalt pavement was littered with potholes and cracks which caused frequent complaints. Our solution was to reinstate the failed baseworks, replace damaged grated soakwell lids and kerbing and, of course, lay new asphalt pavement. See more images. The works were staged in order to maintain some access for the customers, rather than close down the entire centre.

asphalt car park project before and after

The before and after comparison of an old asphalt surface at this IGA supermarket car park.


Koongamia Shopping Centre Car Park Resurfacing

This small car park had deteriorated over 40 years of hard work, hence the need for asphalt pavement resurfacing. Temporary fixes had been short-lived and costly, with potholes and puddles constantly reappearing. The solution was to re-establish the surface of the car park with hot mix asphalt and a full resurfacing. To finish it off, the NK Asphalt team had the area open by the evening, with only one day’s disruption to the tenants, staff and their customers. Learn more.

new asphalt surface car park

Slick new asphalt surface providing a smooth driving and parking experience.

Residential asphalt pavement

Semi-rural Perth homes often have large properties which require a long driveway and more parking space. Very often an asphalt pavement is far more cost effective and functional than other surfacing materials. A long, sloped driveway surrounded by gardens can present more risks for flooding and cracks. As a result, asphalt is the best material for its added resilience.

NK Asphalt are Perth’s leading residential asphalt pavement company as you can see from the following projects.

Asphalt driveway Lower Chittering

A red oxide gravel asphalt project which provides seamless vehicle movement and a driveway centrepiece with easy access to sheds, garages and the house. See more.

affordable driveway resurfacing Perth

Split red asphalt driveway with a large centrepiece to be used as a garden.

Asphalt pavement upgrade in Baldivis

From grass and sand to asphalt, this Baldivis property transformed into a visually stunning and easy to access home. See the before and after.

two side asphalt driveway

Split asphalt driveway on a steep hill with a feature garden to guide the flow of traffic.

Long, red oxide gravel asphalt driveway in Parkerville

Friendly neighbourly competition saw two neighbours agree to receive red oxide asphalt driveways in Parkerville. Both property owners were blown away by the visual appearance of their newly non-coloured mountable concrete kerb and the red oxide gravel asphalt surfacing. See the ground views.

birds eye asphalt driveway neighbours

Birds eye view of two neighbouring properties who wanted the same style of red asphalt driveway with white kerbing.

Government asphalt works

Smooth asphalt surfaces have become a minimum expectation of roads and car parks around Perth. Local councils know the importance of keeping their asphalt up to scratch, using contractors to lay asphalt pavements throughout Perth metro area.

NK Asphalt is one of Perth’s asphalt contractors of choice for government agencies. From car parks at Parliament House of Western Australia to Transperth stations, here are a couple of our government projects.

Intersection in the City of Cockburn

The high quality and excellent appearance of this roundabout and adjoining roads on the corner of Russell & Hammond Road is an example of one of the roadways successfully completed by NK Asphalt. See photos of the process.

asphalt roundabout

NK Asphalt managing the flow of traffic around this new roundabout surfacing.

Transperth asphalt pavement resurfacing

As with all public transport operations, this asphalt project had many moving parts. The materials required and the timeline of works were very specific to ensure compliance, including profiling/removal of the old surface, minor base repairs, new asphalt and linemarking. NK Asphalt delivered on all fronts. Learn more about the process.

transperth asphalt bus station

A Transperth bus utilising this new asphalt bus stop laid by NK Asphalt.

Strata asphalt pavement

With owners who’re required to keep multiple residents and owners happy, strata properties should always maintain excellent communal facilities. This begins with the driveway and parking facilities that tie each residence together. Whether it’s a set of apartments, units, a motel, or hotel, a quality asphalt pavement is expected.

NK Asphalt are the Perth experts for shared asphalt pavements, providing a functional and attractive product. View just a few of our strata projects below.

Strata car park in Scarborough

Residents of this block of units in Scarborough were unhappy with their old parking facilities. We repaired and resurfaced the whole lot in just a day while minimising resident disruption. Learn more.

strata asphalt car park

Residents enjoying their smooth new asphalt car park at a strata property.

Strata units in Parkwood

This strata asphalt pavement project featured mini driveways for individual units, all of which needed resurfacing. Furthermore, we completed base repairs and new kerbing with minor inconvenience to tenants. Check out the before and after.

strata driveways

Numerous mini driveways merge into a communal asphalt surface laid by NK Asphalt.

Perth’s best choice for asphalt pavement

As one of Perth’s most experienced and reputable asphalt companies since 1989, NK Asphalt provides premium asphalt pavements for many needs. Whether it’s a residential driveway or a commercial car park, we guarantee the best asphalt at a fixed cost after quoting.

Request a free measure and quote on a 200m2 – 50,000m2 project in Perth or the surrounding areas.

Trevor Calnon

Trevor is a founder and Director and has over four decades of experience in the asphalt and bitumen industry. NK Asphalt was established in 1989 to deliver top-notch asphalt works across the Perth metro area and outer suburbs. He is dedicated to providing the right solution for clients and is an expert in all aspects of asphalt works - and the alternatives that clients often compare.